Tony May, from Hastings Town Magazine, sent me up a treat in his 'Man of Shirts' film!

-Yes, you can't hear me on this film; the music is better than the spoken word at times, eh?
This film (from the Maybrick44 channel) helped me reconnect with my past in playwriting, performance and being an Entertainments Officer.
The result of all the current gestation:

Ethical Outings in Hastings and St Leonards

Please take the time for (some of) these 12 films and get in touch

What do you most like doing for others? Let's offer it within a local (Triratna?) Timebank, Let's stop marginalising people and work on creating "a more caring & sharing" community & model this to the UK!
On the Toothpaste 007 Channel I started in 2008 (and which has really flourished since moving to Hastings -25,000 views so far) I offer a dozen of the videos as ones that I've chosen for people to find most easily.
When there are over 400 to choose from, a dozen favourites does not cover the range of what I'd most like to share with you.
Thus, whilst you can go later to the YouTube site (and subscribe to Toothpaste 007 Channel?), here now is my latest selection of a dozen of my favourite videos.
Below that are my favourite blogs and web links to give you an intro to the social transformation I'm interested in engaging you in.
The blog I produced for 20 hours of time-exchange with Maria Arpa (CEO of the Charity I'm closest to -The Centre for Peaceful Solutions) is this one:
and here's a quick clip from that blog about Maria and her partner David and workign well with conflict:

I may sound abrupt at the start of the above clip. I push people's buttons from time to time, no doubt.
I hope you have the patience, imagination and inspiration to get back to me with your idea of how we could connect in a way that works for us (& all).












Here's a page I'm proud of (though it still needs editing towards the bottom) about the anniversary pier fire event I put on in Hastings (& attracted Police to):
And here's an Introduction to the Boddhisattva Ideal:


Paul Crosland AKA Lend-It-All-Man is happier by living less with money & more in a "face to face" (time) exchange, sharing & gifteconomy

2nd December 2011, The Metro reports greater happiness amidst economic downturn.
The site I'd love you to record your interest in a healthier form of economics is:

The times we are living in, or approaching, are transition times, when the choice is between giving up  unsustainable consumption or death of our species. Logically, there is no alternative, and by sharing we can save resources and learn co-operation with each other (and harmony with the earth that sustains us).

2011 Lend-It-All Man Films

2010 Lend-It-All Man Films

The skill-set of greatest value that I want to continue to work on is that of sharing as well as that of handling our conflicts:


November 2011 - a new approach from me to supporting a more caring & sharing community

For me, having hit a new wall (or 3) in the last fortnight, to let go of things and live a simpler life is enough work for now. 
My provisional decision (arising out of this morning's 'insight') is to let go of all co-ordinator roles. However much I love Chris Johnstone's "Dream Cycle" which emphasises that for personal change it helps to dream, to plan, to do & to review, I have tried to apply it beyond it's limits. My mistake has been to apply this template to community development in such a way that I take on co-ordinator roles (often self-appointed) & push the planning & doing stages beyond my sustainable capacity & beyond any collective ownership; this has been expressed in recent painful criticism as "treating people as pawns in my own game".

What appears to be the healthier approach to take is if I now consciously limit myself to taking just two roles -as a dreamer and as a supporter. 

This way I will still hold onto my visions for a more caring & sharing community; I simply acknowledge that trying to push it doesn't work. I give my time to supporting team projects that fit with my values. I offer my dreams in person and on YouTube etc and sometimes they influence people enough to generate some synergy. This synergy theme is one that is in my most popular YouTube film at present. (This film, with well over 7,000 viewers has gone down from having a rating of 95% thumbs up to just 91% in the last week):
Approx 500 viewers a week are presently watching "India, 2nd Most Powerful country by 2036" which involved meeting someone with a synergy dream and raising with him some time-line and human rights issues. My analysis of what is successful in the modest contribution that this big-talking video makes to the world is that it seeks to work with realities and hopes out there, then create additional ideas to support and help structure the plans and developments that are beyond the capacity of those discussing the ideas.
In Hastings I wonder now how the dreaming and supporting will manifest as I work on stepping out of co-ordinating & let the community interest company (Freelending CIC) go.
Feedback, as ever, helpful & usually (at least in the long-term) welcome.
Lots of love,


Paul Crosland's Mission Statement (revised Nov 2011)

"I give my service to generating a more caring & sharing Hastings & St Leonards.In doing this I'm learning & practising inclusivity and happiness.I moved to St Leonards because the arrestees after Hastings Pier Fire were from St Leonards; addressing all these wounds is a driving force for me.I hope my work contributes to creating a town in which no-one wants to set light to any buildings.In working towards this goal, I treat people ('arsonist' or otherwise) with respect and dignity."


Expressing my November 2011 hopes

Now, after those two introductory films, here's a letter to two colleagues (both working on a project bringing Police and young people at risk together to make music and perform);

- I copy it because it provides a flavour of what my work is about:
Dear Elise & Alison

I hope you are both well?
I wonder how your October is ending and what you most wish for in November? Having wished for it, I wonder if you'll invite me into the planning, the doing & the reviewing as I know that my November hopes relate to on-going development of the relationship with both of you.

The launch of "St Leonards Sharing" Timebank at the White Rock Hotel on 28th November (10.30-2.30) is one thing I hope you can help shape/participate in to an extent that feels comfortable for you. Currently more than one video a day is being produced on YouTube about St Leonards Sharing Timebank and a person a day being recruited onto the project - though this may just be a blip!

Alongside the Timebank work, my main working life hope for November is for me to be working on a joint project for Home Office 'anti-riot' money by Dec 1st deadline, informed by Dominic Barter's Restorative Circle work.

Again, I would really appreciate your support, and most immediately a date in the diary within a week of next Thursday for an initial meeting. Please make suggestions (other than pm on 7th or anytime on 8th).

My ideal would involve all attending coming with some feedback about this latest radio interview from my friend Dominic Barter. I would welcome any email feedback on any of the above and/or the 52minute interview below; even if you only have time for a part of it over the weekend or the early part of next week.

Looking forward to your reply and the prospect of the synergy that the three of us can (in my mind at least!) undoubtedly bring to RJ in East Sussex.

Kind regards
0780 70 66 202 - if a call will work better for you than an email?

Asking you about your interest in happiness & sharing:

"St Leonards Sharing" Timebank videos & press release at:

Thank you for your time reading the whole email and following up what you were moved to do.

9th November "Reality Check" communication from Alison:
"Thanks for your offer Paul but I'm really not interested. But please understand that I don't tend to hold onto things...I'm not angry anymore....just more and more perplexed. 

However, this doesn't mean I want to work with you. I don't and I want to be clear about that.

I ask that you also move on and refrain from trying to bring me back 'into the fold'. It would be a pointless exercise and I'd much rather you used your limited time looking at your 'methods' with others and looking after your physical, financial and mental health. I say that as a concerned and caring human being for another- no matter how much I disagree with your principles.

Take care



You are the trim-tab

Steven Covey, in his book "The 8th Habit" talks about those people who take small positive actions which set bigger positive actions rolling. He likens these people to a small object on a mighty ship's rudder; this rudder within a rudder is called a trim-tab. By moving the trim tab, the heavy rudder moves and, from there, so does the might ship.

What I'm really looking for is 2-4mins of your time on-line that will most probably make a big difference in St Leonards ; please fill in the questionnaire:

And please hold me to account in delivering the vision of "St Leonards Sharing"
Thank you for your time reading this/ actioning it.
Thanks for looking - maybe this will give a better impression:

Thank you again for your time reading this/ actioning it.

Redefining the business I'm in & the question I'm asking you

Mediation Support encourages us all to process the conflicts that block our happiness and we do our best to take responsibility in our communities for the values about which we care: justice, sharing & harmony, for a start.

So the business is conflict, sharing well-being & happiness. 
How do these relate to each other?
Well, only the happiest human being is not in conflict.
Skilful sharing reduces conflict & builds well-being. 
My interest is in whether you (& the groups to which you belong) are in agreement with these ideas for a better life for all?
Perhaps now you could share what is the most important thing that you have to share?


Endorsements for Paul's work

1) From a Metropolitan Police staff member:

2) From a Victim Liaison Officer at a Youth Offending Team:

3) From my local MP, Amber Rudd:
Amber Rudd MP
Member of Parliament for Hastings & Rye

House of Commons

Mr Paul Crosland
Action for Happiness
Southwater Area Community Centre
1-2 Stainsby Street
TN37 6LA

Dear Mr Crosland

I am writing to congratualate you for leading such an inspirational group as Action for Happiness, with the aim of making Hastings a happier place in which to live.

This is a wonderful initiative, and it is so good to know that you and your group are doing all that you can to remind us all of what is important in life, such as connecting with other people, being active and healthy, learning new skills, giving to others, and learning to appreciate the good things in our lives.  Indeed, gratitude is a powerful and energising force for good.

I see that you and your group have been handing out happiness hints to commuters at St Leonards Warrior Square train station, and conducting stress-busting sessions and talks.

I thank you and your group for offering our town such a valuable and positive contribution.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Amber Rudd

4) From the representatives of The Youth Justice Board, The Police Improvement Agency, The Prison Reform Trust and The Foyer Housing Federatation who awarded the "SafeGround" team (of whom I was part), 1st prize for the idea most likely to reduce youth custody and youth offending. (Now called Restorative Technology Ltd):

Jailbrake weekend- sicamp from Flip Jobs on Vimeo.

5) From Maria Arpa, CEO of The Centre for Peaceful Solutions

6) From Wendy Freshman, The Mediation Service

Other endorsements to be added:
  • Article from the 24th June 2011 Hastings Observer:
  • Friday

    wherever I go, I take my conflicts with me; and other gifts

    If I had to summarise 22 years of learning about co-operation in the face of crime, I'd say that my main shortcoming was not learning about Deep Democracy earlier. If it is practiced well, I don't see it likely that any future Restorative Justice project would fail.

    Beyond our habit of burying our conflicts, or just pushing them around

    "Deep Democracy & Restorative Justice" workshop planned for July 2012. Subscribe to newsletter to stay informed on this & other related community-building initiatives: SUBSCRIBE to free updates  from Mediation Support Ltd:


    Invitation sent today to the author of "Find Your Power"

    Click on for more of this

    Dear Chris

    I hope this email reaches you well. Things are well in Hastings and the Mayor is supportive of the lead being set by the 'Hastings & St Leonards - Action for Happiness' group that I lead.
    She's coming to my office at 10am for a photo shoot, and I may well ask her if she'll write to you to invite you to deliver something akin to the first Bristol Happiness lecture (that I was proud to have attended).

    Yours in peace,
    ('Hastings & St Leonards -Action for Happiness' co-ordinator)

    CEO, Mediation Support Ltd
    Southwater Area Community Centre,
    2 Stainsby Street,
    St Leonards On Sea,
    East Sussex,
    TN37 6LA

    "Those who realize that we are all heading for death will compose their quarrels."The Dhammapada, verse 6.

    What does Mediation Support Ltd do:
    "We innovate in getting stuck communications unstuck and people taking responsibility in their communities".

    A free 'ApologyPlus' service to process your grievances/conflicts is available to all enquirers, and extra service is available for those who were on Hastings Pier on 5th October 2010

    Mediation Support Ltd pricing structure

    From 2006-2011 the work of all Mediation Support Ltd staff and associates was charged at £30/hour.
    From 2011 onwards all work is supplied on the basis that you make a donation according to how satisfied you are with the work done and how you value the time and other resources that Mediation Support Ltd have put in to supporting you. If we agree to take on your concerns, we try our best to find ways to help you meet your needs without compromise.


    The summer months

    "To boldly generate a more caring & sharing Hastings & St Leonards."-This is now part 1 of the Mediation Support Ltd vision.
    A marginal seaside town such as ours will experience the depth of monetary economic difficulty more than less-deprived areas and will hopefully be able to lead the way in valuing the non-monetary economy and inspiring others that the core economy can be better run with little money involved and many other benefits in terms of social capital being built:
    The following summary of my offerings to the world in general, and Hastings & St Leonards in particular, comes from:

    Paul's pitch 1 - work with me & colleagues on a grievance you have

    Please email or phone: (contacts via (UK-wide service)

    For ALL those who were on Hastings Pier on 5th October 2010 and all those who want to set an example to them, Mediation Support has provided the Sussex People's Justice Service ( and the sussex community blogspot. Thus, Mediation Support Ltd is -in a mediation role rather than an evidence-gathering role- compiling part of the required Victim Impact Statement to engage the people on the pier and providing film footage (public and private) for relevant people to see on YouTube.

    This is Restorative Justice:
    - Repair harm that has been caused
    - Restore a sense of dignity, security and justice.
    - And reintegrate all into peaceful co-existence.

    So, Paul's most passionate pitch is that we co-create restorative circles throughout i
    Hastings/St Leonards & show the wider world how vital a "marginal seaside town" can be!!

    If this is too big a vision for us to work on together, then let's start with:


    "Hastings Justice" Facebook Group

     Facebook group for those short-changed in terms of  in  & SL: @ @paulcrosland @HPWRT

    Sometimes the free iPhone from Freelender records films sideways!

    To borrow an iPhone better than the one that filmed the clip below, go to
    As the leading UK-based environmental think tank said of the work of Freelending CIC, which I co-direct:
    "Local sharing schemes like Landshare, Hospitality Club and mean you don’t need to own your allotment, car or drill, and you can sofa-surf your way around the world." (Forum for the future)
    Below, filmed sideways, is a 2011 update in relation to winning the 2010 Social Innovation Camp:

    And here is the presentation we made as the 'Safeground team':

    (More about this is on
    "Paul Crosland is CEO of Restorative Technology Ltd and CEO of Mediation Support Ltd; organisations which are re-locating to Hastings in the wake of the fire in order to support the learning that can come from damage to (heritage) property and support the creation of a community where such destruction is less likely in the future.
    (The People's Justice service is just one way provided by Mediation Support Ltd to begin this work)

    Since 2001 Paul's work has included providing training, conferences, publications and support to mediation services and restorative practitioners and policy advice to government. During his 5 years as Head of Restorative Justice at the national charity for mediation services, Mediation UK, Paul won contracts with the Youth Justice Board and received a personal invitation from the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street to be thanked for his work “on behalf of the victims of crime”. His previous work was as a criminologist and a volunteer neighbour mediator. Paul has trained in workplace mediation and, for a while, specialised as a co-ordinator of prison based restorative justice projects:; work which he hopes to return to in the context of Sussex Prisons after 2012. In 2010 Paul was part of the team that won the Social Innovation Camp for the best mobile/web-based idea likely to reduce youth custody and youth offending; work which is now funded by the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts and is headed by Paul, as CEO of Restorative Technology Ltd.”


    Our (virtuous) intentions in meeting here (virtually)?

    The web is a battle ground for me, and I suspect in some way, for you too? Where the conflict is is in relation to what the web is for? My use of it is both about 'What can I grasp?'and 'What can I give?' When I engage with the web with an intention of giving, I experience open, expansive states. This I like much more than when I let the web ensnare my tendencies towards greed, hatred and confusion about what's most important now.

    I list on this page only the sites on which I give the most; other uses of the web are confessed in; but why would you want to read my confession?
    "When you can do nothing else, you can always give"
    You can start giving:
    1. by starting a difficult communication:
    2. by sharing something you have:
    Comment on the use of technology for healing:

    Be wryly amused about how I even try and bring the healing of 'being with nature'into a blog:
    Be even more amused at Paul following the wry advice of a friend to create a blog of my newesr blogs!:; a meta-blog, no less.

    Call in at the "generosity Head Quarters" in Hastings (or take the virtual tour):
    Kind Regards


    Thought for the day on Restorative Justice

    Here is: Thought for the day on Restorative Justice 

    from  “ordained Buddhist”, Vishvapani, from the Triratna Buddhist Community.
    (For Your Information I am also working to become an ordained Buddhist within the Triratna Buddhist Community.)

    And here are Vishvapani's other Thoughts for the Day

    Vishvapani's website:

    NB When I last bumped into Vishvapani and asked him for a quick thought for the day, he said this in a deep (feigned Oriental?) voice:
    "Body like mountain, Mind like sky, Be Buddha!"


    "The Imperfect Idealist" - slight delay in publication

     The Imperfect Idealist series of Books:

    1) The Imperfect Idealist & 40 other cases of Restorative Justice
    [available on Amazon Kindle 2011, on request. Kindles can be requested via Paul's iShare Kindles blog or]
    2) The Imperfect Idealist gets over his wish to be understood (first)
    3) The Imperfect Idealist and the 6 (Im)perfections
    4) The Imperfect Idealist and the 3 Jewels (My relationship to the Triratna Buddhist Order)
    5) The Imperfect Idealist at 66; looking back at 44 & 22 again.
    [due out in the year 2032 in who knows what format.]
    6) The Imperfect Idealist; 88 and not out. Howzat!