Please give the gift of an education for less than £1 per day:

I've just returned in 2011 from filming students at the Nagaloka Institute, Nagpur, India. The Men students share their visions here:
Arya (in English)
Bhagwan (in English)
Bhijay (in English and in Hindi)
Nikass (in English and in Chakma, with translation text provided)
Raj Shakya
Sujeet (with a translator speaking the English after the Hindi)
Women Students:
100% of your money donated through Mediation Support Ltd goes directly to the Nagaloka Institute:

If you want to support one or more students complete their year at the Nagaloka Institute (which costs £28 per student per month), you can pay into The Mediation Support Ltd bank account- Ask your bank to transfer into the Mediation Support Ltd account (details on request) or post a cheque payable to Mediation Support Ltd to:
Paul Crosland (Nagaloka fund c/o Mediation Support Ltd)
Southwater Area Community Centre,
1-2 Stainsby St,
St Leonards on Sea
E. Sussex
TN37 0SY
Funding request from Nagamitra for £28 for a student's monthly support


Restorative Technology Ltd's funding from NESTA

The National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts are funding a pilot project being provided by Restorative Technology Ltd
"The Restorative Technology Ltd wider vision is both to enable increased understanding between those involved in and affected by crimes and also to encourage responsibility being taken by all who can contribute to generating safer societies."                (Director and CEO -Paul Crosland)
The Restorative Technology Ltd (draft) business plan is here, and you can offer to support the development of this work by emailing Paul Crosland via the Mediation Support Ltd email contact form here.
If you are from a Youth Offending Team with a demonstrable record of high quality victim contact work (and/or a high victim participation rate), Restorative Technology Ltd may be able to offer in 2011 low-cost-to-user sessions in which the SafeGround software can be used for Restorative Justice staff to role play cases, communicating via video-messaging and text messaging.
For more about NESTA's Reboot Britain work; of which Restorative Technology Ltd's SafeGround project is one of the 12 innovations in delivery of public services, see here.


1,000 Benefactors in Hastings - and a decent "support & accountability system"

When I start to work in 2011 to raise standing order commitments in Hastings, it is important to me that my work is accountable to the supporters of the following organisations:
1) Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust
2) Freelending Community Interest Company
I propose an annual meeting at which I am held to account for my actions in Hastings in relation to the above organisations; held accountable by the 1,000 supporters of those two organisations whom I intend to sign-up.
Any other ideas welcome as to how, as an 'in-comer' I get the balance of accountability & support right for my work in Hastings?