The summer months

"To boldly generate a more caring & sharing Hastings & St Leonards."-This is now part 1 of the Mediation Support Ltd vision.
A marginal seaside town such as ours will experience the depth of monetary economic difficulty more than less-deprived areas and will hopefully be able to lead the way in valuing the non-monetary economy and inspiring others that the core economy can be better run with little money involved and many other benefits in terms of social capital being built:
The following summary of my offerings to the world in general, and Hastings & St Leonards in particular, comes from:

Paul's pitch 1 - work with me & colleagues on a grievance you have

Please email or phone: (contacts via (UK-wide service)

For ALL those who were on Hastings Pier on 5th October 2010 and all those who want to set an example to them, Mediation Support has provided the Sussex People's Justice Service ( and the sussex community blogspot. Thus, Mediation Support Ltd is -in a mediation role rather than an evidence-gathering role- compiling part of the required Victim Impact Statement to engage the people on the pier and providing film footage (public and private) for relevant people to see on YouTube.

This is Restorative Justice:
- Repair harm that has been caused
- Restore a sense of dignity, security and justice.
- And reintegrate all into peaceful co-existence.

So, Paul's most passionate pitch is that we co-create restorative circles throughout i
Hastings/St Leonards & show the wider world how vital a "marginal seaside town" can be!!

If this is too big a vision for us to work on together, then let's start with: