Redefining the business I'm in & the question I'm asking you

Mediation Support encourages us all to process the conflicts that block our happiness and we do our best to take responsibility in our communities for the values about which we care: justice, sharing & harmony, for a start.

So the business is conflict, sharing well-being & happiness. 
How do these relate to each other?
Well, only the happiest human being is not in conflict.
Skilful sharing reduces conflict & builds well-being. 
My interest is in whether you (& the groups to which you belong) are in agreement with these ideas for a better life for all?
Perhaps now you could share what is the most important thing that you have to share?


Endorsements for Paul's work

1) From a Metropolitan Police staff member:

2) From a Victim Liaison Officer at a Youth Offending Team:

3) From my local MP, Amber Rudd:
Amber Rudd MP
Member of Parliament for Hastings & Rye

House of Commons

Mr Paul Crosland
Action for Happiness
Southwater Area Community Centre
1-2 Stainsby Street
TN37 6LA

Dear Mr Crosland

I am writing to congratualate you for leading such an inspirational group as Action for Happiness, with the aim of making Hastings a happier place in which to live.

This is a wonderful initiative, and it is so good to know that you and your group are doing all that you can to remind us all of what is important in life, such as connecting with other people, being active and healthy, learning new skills, giving to others, and learning to appreciate the good things in our lives.  Indeed, gratitude is a powerful and energising force for good.

I see that you and your group have been handing out happiness hints to commuters at St Leonards Warrior Square train station, and conducting stress-busting sessions and talks.

I thank you and your group for offering our town such a valuable and positive contribution.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Amber Rudd

4) From the representatives of The Youth Justice Board, The Police Improvement Agency, The Prison Reform Trust and The Foyer Housing Federatation who awarded the "SafeGround" team (of whom I was part), 1st prize for the idea most likely to reduce youth custody and youth offending. (Now called Restorative Technology Ltd):

Jailbrake weekend- sicamp from Flip Jobs on Vimeo.

5) From Maria Arpa, CEO of The Centre for Peaceful Solutions

6) From Wendy Freshman, The Mediation Service

Other endorsements to be added:
  • Article from the 24th June 2011 Hastings Observer:
  • Friday

    wherever I go, I take my conflicts with me; and other gifts

    If I had to summarise 22 years of learning about co-operation in the face of crime, I'd say that my main shortcoming was not learning about Deep Democracy earlier. If it is practiced well, I don't see it likely that any future Restorative Justice project would fail.

    Beyond our habit of burying our conflicts, or just pushing them around

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