Post 2nd Anniversary -time to Up the Ante!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've reached the (provisional) conclusion that most people don't want to hear about collective responsibility for crimes & misdemeanours such as Hastings Pier Fire?
I guess this makes it time to up the ante and inform everyone who is interested in de-escalating the conflict that the script is in a book called "Inside the No" by Myrna Lewis.

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Adieu Hastings & St Leonards

Having been "flooded out of my flat" in the week leading up to the 2nd anniversary of the Hastings pier fire, I'm postponing (long-term) the plans for and scaling down the 2nd anniversary event (ie leaving others to lead on the petition). 
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE 7pm - 9.30pm EVENT IS STILL GOING AHEAD ON FRIDAY 5th October; it will draw together some threads and hand on the baton.

And here's the last voicemail I received from a stranger who didn't leave his name:

In the short term I plan to live in Kent, but will be looking for openings in Cambridge or Sheffield in particular, where I am drawn to Triratna Buddhist Community activities, (including (innovative & timely?) team-based right livelihoods and households with (if you can bear a concept-full set of bullet points from me now):

  • shared meditation sits
  • shared meals 
  • articulated/reflected values
  • appreciation of diversity in how we deepen our Buddhist practice, seeking integration, positive emotion, letting go & generating a simpler wholesome and wholehearted (post-capitalist?) lifestyle (as an ark for a sinking society?) on a journey towards.... enlightenment?

(NB For those asking about India, I'm also doing some fresh questioning of when is the "right time" for 6 months in India developing project support for certain students I know from disadvantaged backgrounds and following how they fulfill their 10 year personal plans -made with me in December 2010- as on )

And, if you are into social exclusion or want to change the way I live, I'm interested in what good it does you to have so many opinions about how I lead my life?

Perhaps you want to influence decisions I make because you have views on how my decisions impact on your life?

I end this post with three related questions:
1) How correct are your underlying assumptions about how my decisions impact on your life and/or on my own?; 
2) How much self-responsibility are you taking for how you are triggered by me? 
&  3) How are you most likely to succeed in encouraging me to change in the way that you want my behaviour to change?