Extinction Rebellion Hastings And St Leonards (XRHSL) update
This week Hastings Borough Council made available their report on the progress of their Climate Emergency Action Plan 2020/21 to 2021/22. At best these are well intentioned aspirations at worst they are just more ‘blah’, ‘blah’, ‘blah’. 

They claim to be “putting climate change at the heart of decision making” but are they really?

Time is running very short. We know that the systems of local government makes the task of an appropriate response very hard, and that it might even feel impossible. But when there is a will there’s a way- so we demand to see that will in action. We demand our leaders and representatives rise to this emergency with the level of bravery it calls for. There is no choice. There is no Planet B ...

So we will be taking action on Wednesday 13th October …


Please join us between 12 noon – 5.00pm for our Crisis Talks table outside Muriel Matters House, Hastings (next to roundabout at Pelham Place) to raise public awareness, and put our concerns to council representatives going in and out of the building. 

HBC want to “develop an engagement and communication plan, which supports and encourages local organisations, businesses and communities to act to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.”

Please come and answer their call: tell the council what you want them to do!

At 5.30pm we will be performing a die-in on the pavement outside Muriel Matters House. Councillors will be invited to join us or to witness the powerful moment of contemplation created by mass action reflecting the fears and frustration of their local constituents. If you can join for no other part then please join for this.

We will finish at 5.45pm with the full council meeting starting at 6pm. None of these events will be unlawful in any way. 

Further actions designed to hold our representatives to account will follow, and everyone is welcome to join us. As always, ExtinctionRebellion(XR) acts in peace.”
#KinderPoliticsQTpodcast now available too