Jackie Weaver & Handforth Parish Council “Cancel Culture” highlights the timeliness of a book subtitled #BeyondPolarisationInPolitics

Serious issues of how local politics looks to people & on what basis ghosting is approved of; just two of the “#JackieWeaver & #HandforthParishCouncil issues to be addressed in “The #MythOfTheHeartlessTory; #BeyondPolarisationInPolitics   by #PaulCroslandDraftAuthor. 
The playlist below collects together a range of films made around the key #Handforth meetings (10th December 2020 & the infamous ...2021). I encourage you to look in particular at the sycophantic way #JackieWeaver was received on Breakfast TV & all the constructive lessons about conflict missed:. And here Tony May discusses with me the conclusion of “The Myth Of The Heartless Tory”


Outline of "The Myth Of The Heartless Tory" book; seeking publisher for 2021

Introduction or Chapter 1 The Myth of the Heartless Tory

and the
a call for "Kinder Politics and Deeper Accountability"
(From) Paul Crosland
Independent Candidate
HastingsAndRye constituency

Chapter 1: With my oldest (historian) friend; Chris awaits the open season for shooting the Conservative and Unionist Party

St Leonards Warrior Square Station -Platform 1
(Two days after the 64th anniversary of the (1956) largest one-day mass conversions -which was led by Dr. Ambedkar -i.e. Friday 16th October 2020)

Chris Gidlow, author and historian
(known 43 years; friend for the last 38 years)
*Anyone mentioned in this book is hereby invited to be a guest on a "Politics On A Platform" dialogue.
Plus Russell Brand.

Chapter 2: #StLeonardsLocalTreasure Tony May finds his “Kinder Politics” voice in relation to a “New Statesman" call for an Anti-Tory Alliance.

Chapter 3: #StLeonardsLocalTreasure Natalie Williams' Myth Of The Undeserving Poor

Chapter 4: Death Threat to the "putative villain", Sally-Ann "Heartless", after 322 voted in Parliament not to extend the School-Meals voucher scheme.

Chapter 5: Have you cast your vote yet on the percentage of Tory MPs who are Heartless? Patronising? Decent? Honourable?

Chapter 6: A Tory leader's call to stand up for the most marginalised.

Chapter 7: Getting beyond a politics dominated by two main myths

Chapter 8: #GrassrootsManifestoes & outlining the comparative ease with which a #DemocracyOfNeeds could be delivered 

Chapter 9: #DeeperLegitimacyParliament; what that would look like. 

Chapter 10: 108 variations within Nonviolent Resistance & modelling #DeeperAccountability

Chapter 11: The arc of one and one's MP's journey towards the perfection of Wisdom and Compassion

Chapter 12: "In politics, trust those who do most to ensure their opponents' voices are heard"

Chapter 13: The #RightLivelihoodTeam providing a #ShadowMP service AKA "The Aspiring Dr Ambedkars of St Leonards on Sea" (#ADAOSLOS)

Chapter 14: What price for your deal with "the opposition"?

And here’s a reading out of a slightly earlier draft Introduction or Chapter 1feedback please to paul[dot]crosland@gmail{dot}com

Sharing the dream of a Triratna Right Livelihood Team in St Leonards On Sea

I find the “Triratna Mantra” playlist (opening track below as YouTube film) a perfect (uplifting) start to the day. This YouTube playlist is now my usual start to the day. 
I remember the #TriratnaAloka Triptych you show, which can be found in the basement shrine room of the London Buddhist Centre. When I lived there for 6 months (prior to #HastingsPierFire calling me away) our Karuna Trust #RightLivelihood team meditated for 40mins each morning in front of this Tryptich.

Now having established a role as #PaulCroslandIndependentCandidate & become clear how to build welfare in the most deprived part of SouthEast England, the time is ripe for the Tiratna Household that I’ve asked Alobhin to lead. Whilst his lead would be in establishing a harmonious Buddhist Household, mine would be in establishing the Aspiring Dr Ambedkars of St Leonards on sea (#ADAOSLOS) as effective in addressing the needs of the “downtrodden”. This #RightLivelihood project is one of the three projects dearest to my heart* - please see the #PaulCroslandAndAlobhin films to feel this palpably. 

May all here be well & if you can’t be well, then I wish for you that you be strong.

* The other two projects I cultivate most carefully:
1) #InvestInTheFestivalOfTheNewSociety2066 (FOTNS2066)
2) The next (five?) book(s) to be written by #PaulCroslandDraftAuthor, starting with “The Myth Of The Heartless Tory; #BeyondPolarisationInPolitics


Lockdown Mental Health Crisis
December 2020 was overwhelming for many; including me; leading to early 2021 #LockdownMentalHealthCrisis. #PaulCroslandDraftAuthor has been through the whole #BipolarWarriorCycle & undertaken a #PandemicEraReEvaluation of Projects:  Now the #BookOf2021 is “The #MythOfTheHeartlessTory”. (The strapline: trust those who do most to get their #PoliticalOpponents’ voices heard”).

the #BookOf2022 is oriented to attracting investors in the #FOTNS2066*; 

the #BookOf2023 is #LevelUpOurLife & the #BookOf2024 (inshallah) is (provisionally) to be #PaulCroslandDraftEditor’s Collaborative #NVCplus “Magnum Opus”: “Getting #GrassrootsConvergentFacilitation To The Top”. PreOrder via donations to https://PayPal.Me/RefugeTreeWoods

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