Outline of "The Myth Of The Heartless Tory" book; seeking publisher for 2021

Introduction or Chapter 1 The Myth of the Heartless Tory

and the
a call for "Kinder Politics and Deeper Accountability"
(From) Paul Crosland
Independent Candidate
HastingsAndRye constituency

Chapter 1: With my oldest (historian) friend; Chris awaits the open season for shooting the Conservative and Unionist Party

St Leonards Warrior Square Station -Platform 1
(Two days after the 64th anniversary of the (1956) largest one-day mass conversions -which was led by Dr. Ambedkar -i.e. Friday 16th October 2020)

Chris Gidlow, author and historian
(known 43 years; friend for the last 38 years)
*Anyone mentioned in this book is hereby invited to be a guest on a "Politics On A Platform" dialogue.
Plus Russell Brand.

Chapter 2: #StLeonardsLocalTreasure Tony May finds his “Kinder Politics” voice in relation to a “New Statesman" call for an Anti-Tory Alliance.

Chapter 3: #StLeonardsLocalTreasure Natalie Williams' Myth Of The Undeserving Poor

Chapter 4: Death Threat to the "putative villain", Sally-Ann "Heartless", after 322 voted in Parliament not to extend the School-Meals voucher scheme.

Chapter 5: Have you cast your vote yet on the percentage of Tory MPs who are Heartless? Patronising? Decent? Honourable?

Chapter 6: A Tory leader's call to stand up for the most marginalised.

Chapter 7: Getting beyond a politics dominated by two main myths

Chapter 8: #GrassrootsManifestoes & outlining the comparative ease with which a #DemocracyOfNeeds could be delivered 

Chapter 9: #DeeperLegitimacyParliament; what that would look like. 

Chapter 10: 108 variations within Nonviolent Resistance & modelling #DeeperAccountability

Chapter 11: The arc of one and one's MP's journey towards the perfection of Wisdom and Compassion

Chapter 12: "In politics, trust those who do most to ensure their opponents' voices are heard"

Chapter 13: The #RightLivelihoodTeam providing a #ShadowMP service AKA "The Aspiring Dr Ambedkars of St Leonards on Sea" (#ADAOSLOS)

Chapter 14: What price for your deal with "the opposition"?

And here’s a reading out of a slightly earlier draft Introduction or Chapter 1feedback please to paul[dot]crosland@gmail{dot}com

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Maybrick44 said...

This book is one desperately in need of writing considering the modern day Paul!

'The Myth of the Heartless Tory' is indeed a myth and needs to be something made clear to everyone these days - especially neutral voters who may otherwise be 'seduced' by the strong language and empassioned performances from the left that seem to get a lot of exposure these days!

Tories are tough. They do 'think first with their business heads on' and they are 'prepared to take hard decisions' but this does not mean that they are heartless just that in some cases they need to be coaxed into feeling with their hearts and listening to their hearts rather than obsessing with money and the economy.

The sad fact of life is that 'if the money is not there to pay for something' it cannot happen. Tories are aware of that and so feel that by creating a world in which business thrives there will be the money to pay for 'humanitarian causes' and 'social projects'. The downside of this kind of thinking being, however, that often the more money is made the higher the cost of living rises and therefore any 'spare money' for the said causes never materialises. There are other times when 'the time to act HAS to be now' - something lefties are very good at noticing - and so the time to raise the said capital just isn't there! This is when a Tory needs a true friend 'on the other side of the house' to put the emotional argument to him/her.

Tories are also often accused of nepatism. I believe , however, that this stems from a) The bad way in which Tories are treated by members of other parties and b) Because they know that such 'like minded people' as themselves will be reliable and not use the policy to 'work the system for their own advantage'.

Tust is key - not just in Politics but in life and if you know someone, have worked with that person and are confident in their ability it makes good (business) sense to 'get them onboard' when launching a project.

If 'lefties' are ever going to get anywhere as far as 'connecting a Tory with his/her heart' they are going to have to learn to be kinder in their approach, more businesslike in their dealings (in other words slowly, slowly, catchy Monkey - 'go at someone' at first by 'speaking their language' and then gently bring in your way of speaking) and work on building up a working/though opposing relationship. Head on /full-force/name/shame/blame/discredit tactics (as per the shameful setting up of Sally Anne Hart in Hastings at the last election) will achieve nothing and serve only to entrench the Tories in their positions and distrust of the left. It is fine to disagree and fine to be passionate about your side of the argument but until politicians/people can learn to LISTEN to and empathise with as well as 'attack' those with other views nothing will ever change...

Tories (indeed anyone) 'under fire' will always 'resist and fire back' if given 'attitude' and faced with hate so a kinder, softer approach MUST be the way forward for The Labour Party and indeed anyone on the left side of politics if they wish to help connect a Tory with their heart...

Write your book Paul and do what you do better than anyone I know - start discussions going - discussion is positive and creative - argument is negative and serves only to create a kind of political 'An Englishman's home is his castle' mentality...