Expressing my November 2011 hopes

Now, after those two introductory films, here's a letter to two colleagues (both working on a project bringing Police and young people at risk together to make music and perform);

- I copy it because it provides a flavour of what my work is about:
Dear Elise & Alison

I hope you are both well?
I wonder how your October is ending and what you most wish for in November? Having wished for it, I wonder if you'll invite me into the planning, the doing & the reviewing as I know that my November hopes relate to on-going development of the relationship with both of you.

The launch of "St Leonards Sharing" Timebank at the White Rock Hotel on 28th November (10.30-2.30) is one thing I hope you can help shape/participate in to an extent that feels comfortable for you. Currently more than one video a day is being produced on YouTube about St Leonards Sharing Timebank and a person a day being recruited onto the project - though this may just be a blip!

Alongside the Timebank work, my main working life hope for November is for me to be working on a joint project for Home Office 'anti-riot' money by Dec 1st deadline, informed by Dominic Barter's Restorative Circle work.

Again, I would really appreciate your support, and most immediately a date in the diary within a week of next Thursday for an initial meeting. Please make suggestions (other than pm on 7th or anytime on 8th).

My ideal would involve all attending coming with some feedback about this latest radio interview from my friend Dominic Barter. I would welcome any email feedback on any of the above and/or the 52minute interview below; even if you only have time for a part of it over the weekend or the early part of next week.

Looking forward to your reply and the prospect of the synergy that the three of us can (in my mind at least!) undoubtedly bring to RJ in East Sussex.

Kind regards
0780 70 66 202 - if a call will work better for you than an email?

Asking you about your interest in happiness & sharing:

"St Leonards Sharing" Timebank videos & press release at:

Thank you for your time reading the whole email and following up what you were moved to do.

9th November "Reality Check" communication from Alison:
"Thanks for your offer Paul but I'm really not interested. But please understand that I don't tend to hold onto things...I'm not angry anymore....just more and more perplexed. 

However, this doesn't mean I want to work with you. I don't and I want to be clear about that.

I ask that you also move on and refrain from trying to bring me back 'into the fold'. It would be a pointless exercise and I'd much rather you used your limited time looking at your 'methods' with others and looking after your physical, financial and mental health. I say that as a concerned and caring human being for another- no matter how much I disagree with your principles.

Take care



You are the trim-tab

Steven Covey, in his book "The 8th Habit" talks about those people who take small positive actions which set bigger positive actions rolling. He likens these people to a small object on a mighty ship's rudder; this rudder within a rudder is called a trim-tab. By moving the trim tab, the heavy rudder moves and, from there, so does the might ship.

What I'm really looking for is 2-4mins of your time on-line that will most probably make a big difference in St Leonards ; please fill in the questionnaire:

And please hold me to account in delivering the vision of "St Leonards Sharing"
Thank you for your time reading this/ actioning it.
Thanks for looking - maybe this will give a better impression:

Thank you again for your time reading this/ actioning it.