The Compass Of Political Convergence

The pattern I’m embarking on is this: 

Each winter, for the next 4 years, and then a winter off for the next General Election campaign, write a book. However I now intend to squeeze writing these 5 books before the 10th October 2024 presumed next General Election; the one about my Dad to be completed within 2 years of his (August2020) passing:

1) "The ‘Myth Of The Heartless Tory’, the ‘Would-Be Wizards of Hastings’ and the familiar cry of the Red Kite, calling for #DeeperLegitimacy #DemocracyOfNeeds

3) ”Level Up Our Life”
- This book’s tuning into #3energies derives from #FreeBuddhistAudio talks about the #BuddhistSaintsInIndia by #UrgyenSangharakshita, whose book “The #ReligionOfArt” and “Mind Reactive And Creative” booklet were also seminal precursors of the extended essay in #LevelUpOurLife titled “The Religion Of Music; integrating (your inner & outer) #CreativePunk/ #CreativeHippy/ #CreativeClassicalist and live a life less reactive, for all our sakes”.

4) “2066 and all that The New Society calls us to embody”

5) “‘Judas Was Paid’; Whip-Free Accountable Mavericks in Parliament - from William Wilberforce to the ‘Independent Candidate To Come’” #WFAMIP

Free Integration Training Here

Under this let">YouTubeFilmlet you’ll find a Twitter link where you can post your two minute responses. 

What I’m offering to unfold with each of you is what I call #FreeIntegrationTraining to meet 4 levels of need: Subsistence Needs, Freedom Needs, Community Needs & the needs relating to Meaning In (Y)our Life.
After I’ve watched and reflected on your two minute account of #BobGeldof’s life (up to his #GreatestAchievement), I will place his in the context of the #3KindsOfFaith, as a core part of #FreeIntegrationTraining and #LevelUpOurLife


Reconnected with Miki Kashtan after 7 years

 This is me about 7-9 years ago; proud of my Prototype "Needs Abacus":

and here is Miki:

The East Point Peace talk from Miki in May gave me a way that I was willing to adopt the hitherto shunned word “Patriarchy” . 
In my opinion, Miki addressed the most important (non-medical) issue in the wake of the coming of the Pandemic Era (with Covid19) and here produced "The film of the year", 2020!, IMHO, 
I have drawn out her key 2 minutes on Patriarchy in this blog post, in which I have Miki's  East Point Peace talk embedded:

7 years ago Miki and I were on a phone conference and Miki ended up providing a rich (for me) teaching around the poem I’d written and shared with her about my sibling difficulty:

My brief account of my brief exchange yesterday evening with Miki is captured in this screenshot of my twitter account below:
Paul Crosland's twitter recapitulation of Miki Kashtan Dialogue


How have you managed to avoid becoming cynical?

S: I can understand people becoming cynical. But what is cynicism? I think cynicism arises when there is a lack of emotional positivity to safeguard one from cynicism. But I can also see that, despite their lapses and backslidings, and stumbling and straying, people do very often make, at least intermittently, a very sincere effort. So one appreciates that too. It’s not as though the backslide is the whole of the story. I’m also very conscious of the fact that a lot of people have a very unfavourable start in life, so one can’t help feeling for them, and understanding, certainly in some cases, why they find it so difficult to make progress, and why there are so many things to be sorted out.

(Introduction to #LevelUpOurLife)