Reconnected with Miki Kashtan after 7 years

 This is me about 7-9 years ago; proud of my Prototype "Needs Abacus":

and here is Miki:

The East Point Peace talk from Miki in May gave me a way that I was willing to adopt the hitherto shunned word “Patriarchy” . 
In my opinion, Miki addressed the most important (non-medical) issue in the wake of the coming of the Pandemic Era (with Covid19) and here produced "The film of the year", 2020!, IMHO, 
I have drawn out her key 2 minutes on Patriarchy in this blog post, in which I have Miki's  East Point Peace talk embedded:

7 years ago Miki and I were on a phone conference and Miki ended up providing a rich (for me) teaching around the poem I’d written and shared with her about my sibling difficulty:

My brief account of my brief exchange yesterday evening with Miki is captured in this screenshot of my twitter account below:
Paul Crosland's twitter recapitulation of Miki Kashtan Dialogue

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