Let this become an increasingly viable location for the 2020 Festival, adjacent to Refuge Tree Woods, South West Wales

To change your relationships to money, time and community for the better & receive opportunities to co-create a more caring & sharing life (in a "Team-Based-Right-Livelihood") phone/text Paul for a chat: Zero7807 066 202

& the message (from Prof Heinz Wolff) that has been formative in practice and strategy development for Mediation Support Ltd is
If not leafleting or litter picking around your street or helping with running the Mind Body Spirit library, how would you like to earn your first 15 Timebank hours etc.(& what service/events would you most like to spend your Timebank credits on?) Tel Zero7807 066202

For a general introduction to Timebanking from one of the national organisations who commissioned me to create a social media strategy for them, see:

Steps towards the 2020 edition of The Festival of The New Society being held in Carmathenshire