Clarifying my September 2011-2012 plans

For the year from September 2011, I plan to give my time, prioritised as follows:
  1. Developing the Peoples Justice Service and Mediation Support Ltd
  2. Developing the Criminal Justice System's equivalent of the People's Justice Service with partner Youth Offending Teams (For this work, payment is from Restorative Technology Ltd)
  3. Promoting in Hastings & St Leonards (supported by Freelending CIC, of which I am a co-director) 
  4. Returning to active work as a Trustee of the RJC (after my sabbatical year)

The Peoples Justice Website; not just for people from Sussex!

The first three cases (in three days) on are as follows:
  1. Hastings Pier Fire -a Hastings resident starting private communication with the "arsonists" (and selectively allowing some of it onto YouTube)
  2. London (Haringey) 'ambushing by 4 youths'
  3. London (Barnet), theft of cycle accessories
I hope that the planned Autumn 2011 BBC documentary about Hastings Pier will clarify what actually happened; helping the community move on from the rumour-mongering. To get questions answered and issues worked through is the contribution that the Peoples Justice Service is here for. Not just for the pier burning; visit the site to explore how to gain more control in the wake of a crime on

A tour of the Peoples Justice site launched 5th November 2010

Ironic that I was also a crime 'victim' on 5th November 2010, the website launch date. I am pursuing justice with the individuals (who I don't know) through the People's Justice Website and posting a notice at the site of the crime in East Finchley to incentivise their participation.