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From the 2010-2014 #CommunityDevelopment initiative from Paul Crosland, 

(This was funded by an NVC benefactor (approx £15K), by the National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts (NESTA £9K), by Mediation Support Ltd & by Paul Crosland's credit card, by inheritance from Mum and by an advance on my inheritance from Dad)

Community Engagement Appeal* 
1st August-12th September 2014

Recruiting 4-6 individuals who are keen to cultivate fearlessness, compassion and wisdom over 4-6 weeks.

Initial targets of the appeal, subject to collective review:

  •  2,066 individual's addresses on the Hastings Independent Free Newspaper Round**
  • 667 conversations about pooling skills to create a more 'convivial economy' in which we provide more mutual aid (& grow in mutual comprehension)
  • 206 visitors to the Gallery recording a marked increase in Good Will and Cooperation as a result of their visit
  •  100% delivery of mail within 24 hours (in Hastings & St Leonards) for the price of 12 Timebank minutes
  • 50 individuals recording a 3 minute introduction to themselves on YouTube under the hash tag #hastingstube - following on from "#hastingstube Geoff Dunn" at
  • 7 individuals elected by a meeting of at least a dozen, taking on the roles to run a local Timebank beyond that provided by the (embryonic) 2066 Timebank

Co-ordinator: Paul Crosland, with a background in Criminology, Restorative Justice, Mediation, New Economics and Community Development Tel Zero7807 066 202

(Please ask about the Top Quality Trainers (including Jayaraja***) being approached to support the 6 week appeal)

Rates of pay:
Unlike the timebanking norm of "an hour equals an hour", 2066 timebanking suggests these four rates plus a bonus hour earned for allowing your Timebanking activity to be filmed on

1 Timebank hour credit per hour worked: Unskilled work but pleasant enough (eg leafleting in dry weather)
2 Timebank hour credit per hour worked: An activity that you have been trained in but have little track record
3 Timebank hour credit per hour worked: An activity that you have been trained and have experience
4 Timebank hour credit per hour worked: An activity that you have been trained in and in which you have a strong track record

(Unskilled work that is unpleasant earns up to 3 extra Timebank hour credits per hour eg "Dog Mess Heroes")

On the back of each 1hr Timebank credit is printed the following:
"What skills, trainings, services and casuses are currently available to be paid for via this time credit can be found out by visiting the 2066 Timebanking Gallery. At the Gallery you can also discuss how this time credit becomes redeemable at local shops.

2066 Timebanking Gallery regular hours Monday & Fridays Noon-6pm (or later by request)

Note to shopkeeper:
This 1hr credit, if accepted by you as payment in a St Leonards business with a shop front, will be repaid by £5 on the understanding that you agree to have the St Leonards Sharing Consortium Sticker in your window for at least 3 weeks. The £5 cash will be repaid for any service/merchandise other than alcohol and cigarettes by Paul Crosland from the Consortium, based at Southwater Area Community Centre, 1-2 Stainsby St, TN37 6LA. For prompt repayment please phone Zero7807 066 202 or email within 2 days of receiving this credit. This credit ceases to have cash redeemable value on 6th October 2016."

Choice of flats in Hastings & St Leonards, available from April 2014 onwards if you want to join the team earlier than the main work & assist in the Gallery, on the prom (freelending bicycles) and on the delivery of Hastings Independent Newspapers & leaflets about how we respond to Heinz Wolff's

*Modelled on the work of

**Pairs of Newspaper Deliverers working for 1hr TimeCredit per hour (or 2hrs per hour if filming their community engagement) meet at the Gallery at 2.15pm, 4.15pm & 6.45pm Feel free to come along to Southwater Area community Centre, TN37 6LA or arrange some other time on these weekends that you can deliver, either to your neighbours or as directed by "Crosland Empire Inc"


And the link to the advert published in the Hastings Independent on 25th April 2014: --

Paul Crosland

2066 Timebanking:

Please join the dozen(s) who have registered interest in getting more socio-economically involved with neighbours via
And for a general introduction to Timebanking, see  

To change your relationships to money, time and community for the better:
Or just phone/text for a chat: 
Zero7807 066 202 
"Hastings #CommunityDevelopment Info Exchange" was a plan developed over summer 2013; initially requiring a strong team and suitable premises. "Suitable premises" was thought to mean "a shop" but it was realised that the promotion of Streetbank, Timebank, & Care4Care etc could be undertaken (quite possibly better) based from Community Centres, such as the Southwater Area Community Centre, TN37 6LA, where Mediation Support (co-creator of St Leonards' Sharing Consortium) is based.

Here's the full playlist central to which is Heinz Wolff's idea:

And tens of thousands of viewers of this toothpaste007 video:

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Now here's Heinz:

And here's my less succinct attempt at interviewing him (in 2010):

This is on my playlist of interviews:

Will you contribute to this playlist soon?

And here's the Lower Ground floor of the property that was nearly bought to be renovated (using Timebank hours?):

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