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Question about Housing Developers -Rye Hustings

I'm Dreaming of a Green Brexit

My position on leaving the EU I make clear at the top of my Twitter Account and on a number of T-shirts:

The possibility of a Green Brexit was upheld by George Monbiot in the wake of the 23rd June 2016 referendum:

I have attempted to encourage the Green Party - of which I am a member - to account for how they became a pro-EU party; asking this question at the 2016 Green Party Conference in Birmingham:

Your Invite to the 1st-5th September 2020 -Festival of the New Society

Smart Meters, Concerns and how you go about rejecting them

Smart Meters – not such a smart choice?

At the beginning of my campaign, it came to my attention that many citizens were concerned about the adverse health effects of smart meters. If you haven’t had one installed already, you may soon be contacted by your utility provider for an appointment to replace your analogue meters (for water, electricity, and gas) with the new generation smart meter. In the UK, there is a plan for every household to have one before...They take the form of a device that monitors, measures and communicates water, electricity, and gas to the provider – it does this using microwave radiation, constantly – 24 hours/day – which some people believe to be harmful to health. There’s more too – many consumer goods on the market container an RFID microchip which is able to communicate with the smart meter so it can record on which brand of appliance you are using, how often and at what times. What is happening with this data? Do we have a right to know? OFGEM confirmed that the British Gas advert which promoted Smart Meters as a progressive and transformative device where customers would enjoy the benefits, was misleading customers about smart meters – there were no mentions of ‘higher bills’, ‘chronic radiation’, ‘home insecurity’ and  ‘hackers’. The ad has since been removed from the public domain.

Please visit for more information form research into adverse health effects. The illness Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is little understood and can have a variety of symptoms from dizziness to pains in joints. The website had links to research such as that from Hansen (2001), Draper (2005), Cao (2006) into the links of electro-magnetic radiation and breast cancer, childhood leukaemia and miscarriage, respectively.


"...can expose the body to 160 and 800 times as much microwave radiation as a mobile phone."
Please look at for some technical info on how they work – it states here that Smart Meters represent the first time that frequencies which can penetrate concrete has “been rolled out en masse directly into homes – placing individuals in extremely close proximity to the radiation source.” Depending on where the Smart Meter is placed in the home and its distance from a mast, in some cases it “can expose the body to 160 and 800 times as much microwave radiation as a mobile phone.  This can be 600 times the US Environmental Protection Agency safety standard. In the UK Public Health England has stated that there has been no testing and will only by so during the rollout of Smart Meters. Even in a European Parliamentary motion 5 years ago, the radiation standards were deemed “out of date”. Many scientists are hypothesising that the 50% increase in brain glioma (brain cancer) in the last 10 years is connected with radiation levels.   Electricity usage data can be sent every few minutes or seconds from a Smart meter. Therefore, these intense pulses of radiation (900 MHz) can be emitted hundreds of thousands of times a day. There is no respite from recovery – an analogy used is the human brain being exposed to a strobe light compared to a candle. There is more research coming which will show the effect of this microwave radiation on the body – DNA damage, sperm damage, melatonin disruption, blood-brain barrier leakage...

"Citizens in our constituency have expressed symptoms such as headaches, palpitations and vision problems which they believe started with the installation of a Smart Meter."

·         The closer you get to a Smart Meter, the stronger the exposure –there is no consideration for babies, children, the sick or frail.

·         If a bank of Smart Meters are fitted in close proximity to each other e.g. on the ground floor of an apartment block, then the interior of the adjacent room will have very high levels of radiation


Contact your energy supplier if you wish to have it re-installed. If you are not happy with their response, speak to your Independent Candidate – he can share advice from others who have successfully had their Smart Meters removed.

 And if you want to read:

The General Election Elevator Pitch & the post hustings update

This was my "elevator pitch" on the day after my candidacy was declared valid:

After the 5th December hustings, it will be time to produce a short film as a sequel; expect that here:

Climate -A New Story by Charles Eistenstein

"The intensity and ubiquity of the conversation around [fossil fuels causing global warming] sucks the air out of the room for issues like wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, toxic and nuclear waste, soil erosion, aquifer depletion, and so on. Tragically, as I will argue, it is precisely these other issues that are the hidden drivers of climate instability. Climate change is a symptom of ecosystem degredation, a process that goes back at least five thousand years and has reached peak intensity today. It arises from the basic relationship that has prevailed between civilisation and nature" (p56)
Read the book -that Paul Crosland rates as one of the 10 most important encountered in 53 years- on-line:

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