cost of living in st leonards, east sussex

Here's a playlist which I hope you find not only relevant & thought provoking, but hopefully leads you to join in actions designed to keep the cost of living low in St Leonards, or even lower it, whilst increasing community connections and our accountability for how we live in a global context, each of us being the valuable product of 13 billion years of evolution:

  • Paul Crosland This week on the train from London I got chatting to a guy who lives on a Greek Island who was here to see his mum in her "care home". He waxed lyrical about the villages of about 600 people and the strength of community that comes from that interconnectedness. I wonder what improvement to community SHRIMP or others believes a faster rail link will bring to our towns (or our villages of deep connection within our two towns?) Sure, there will be commuting parents able to we be that th
  • Paul Crosland -that should say "able to be with their families for a few more minutes a day", but won't the benefits of that be offset by a hike in property costs inHastings St Leonards & fewer children able to afford to live and work in their home town, plus an influx of wealthy weekend visitors, who chose to buy second homes within a certain train journey time's distance? Being harder to get to serves us well, I suggest, and I have also suggested in detail on (if you follow the appropriate link on
  • Paul Crosland the left hand side -& published this in the Hastings & St Leonards Observer- the little examined proposition that our campaigning priority would better be to "Keep the cost of living low in Hastings St Leonards" and develop a Community Loyalty scheme; the community loyalty cards for which became available as of yesterday & advertised also in 30,000 Coastal Currents programmes (page 42). I'm really keen that we meet up as a community and discuss such issues, rather than slip into becoming another "London by the sea" rather than a distinctive St Leonards on Sea, able to model community to the places that lost it when everyone used travel links to disconnect more from those who would otherwise be their neighbours in a more meaningful way.

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