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At last a credible account of the financial future has fallen into my lap and so I share it.

Money Week Promotion and Fair Warning of What's to come that the Politicians and most Media hide/deny

I read as far as the "Wealth Preservation Plan" and realised that Money Week was not taking it's share of responsibility for the causes of the problem - obsession with money (to quote my sister's accusation against me) outweighing the interest in how we build "more caring and sharing communities" through brilliant breakthroughs like Prof Heinz Wolff's "Care4Care.mov" YouTube film shows. My interview with him is longer and noisier but relevant and filmed at the HQ of my former funders, the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA). I could like this article, cite the evidence of the credibility of my recommendations. One of these is that Forum for the Future (the leading environmental think tank) recognised the work I was doing with Edmund Johnson (we co-direct Freelending CIC) as "years ahead of it's time in preparing for the future economy".
This is a time when religious communities are key and no model appears as strong (theoretically and in my lived experience) as the Triratna Buddhist movements vision of the New Society. Sadly, many of the team based right livelihoods have worked on consumerist economics as their foundation rather than "collaborative consumption" or it's overdue successors of sustainable local communities where street by street dialogue takes places about resource needs and consumption,right down to the difficult (but far less painful than social unrest) questions of how many cars do we need, how many children etc. OK, how are we going to get/share them?
Yes, maybe I've crossed a threshold in asking my questions this way about how we are caring for the elderly etc - ideally through a new growth of Team Based Right Livelihoods that are working with the following life-saving ideas:
1)"consecutive consumption" as preferable to the "ethical dumping" of freecycle /charity shops etc
2) Timebanking
3) Care4Care as a strategy to save the NHS by the community stepping up the plate and meeting our family/neighbours care needs.

If you are interested in this further much relevant material is on this blog (in other posts and pages/links on the left). Much more is actually available if you work with me in Hastings/London/SE England on leafleting and person to person dialogue (inspired by my 6months as a Karuna Doorknocker) about the pressing need for us to learn from India etc about how to live a (better?) life for less money by boosting community in the most challenging ways to our British Reserve. Hiding in our castles (or trying to build them financially) is what really spells the end for Britain.


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Please explore the relevance of ApologyPlus.org.uk to your life. (According to my research in one classroom alone 88% of the students wanted apologies from someone at any given time.)
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Offer to Neighbours - Draft leaflet awaits your feedback

Is there anything you, or a neighbour, need help with?

Would something you're doing be easier with a bit of support?

Do you get all the moral support and practical support you could possibly get to handle the difficulties of your life and make the best of it?


I guess you now have some questions too. Like:
      1) Who is offering you and your neighbours support?
      2) What do they have that could make a worthwhile difference?
      3) What's in it for them?

So, how are you going to get answers to your questions?
A) By ringing Paul Crosland on 07807066202 and, if he doesn't answer, maybe leaving a message?
B) By waiting for him to come back and then having a conversation with him about who he works for and with and what the full range is of what he and his friends/colleagues are offering?
C) ?

Or will this be your internal dialogue as a way of responding to Paul's latest attempt to co-create a "more caring and sharing community" around you?:

Your words?:
"Firstly, I'm not very open to change, even if it's for the better. I want to stay in my 'comfort zone', even though I may be missing out on support or friendship that could transform my life or the life of those I care about.
So I have to find a reason to put this opportunity down, and I'll do that by reaching into the depths of my mistrust of others and the world.
As what I'm being offered brings up my fear of the unknown, it must either have a catch in it or it is bound to be problematic in some way.
Thus I will resist further communication with whoever it was who gave their time to get their offer to me and my neighbours.
I want to be left alone, now and forever."

Is that what's going on for you? Or are you just too busy for this?
Please text "Yes, No, or Maybe/Sort Of/Busy" to Paul Crosland on 07807066202.
To help us use our time better, your address too, whether your reply is on behalf of the whole household, and maybe your name?

We welcome any other feedback you are kind enough to give us about this initiative.