Please bring the year 20xx closer

"An unexamined life is not worth living" they say. I also hold myself to account in public for how I am living it; me "The Imperfect Idealist". I share what delights, what troubles, the joy of friendship and the quest for reliable meaning in life. I stand for generosity and fall down time and again as I experiment in  #CommunityDevelopment in #HastingsAndRyeConstituency; having founded #StLeonardsSharingConsortium in 2011 & recruited #ADAOSLOS #RightLivelihoodTeam to promote it’s #NonMonetaryEconomy potential in the year 20xx.
When might you be contacting me to find how helping me bring 20xx closer (in one of a myriad of ways) could serve you (& your nearest and dearest)?


Dear mentor in Brazil

To my friend and inspirer, Dominic Barter, in a correspondence trying to check how freely I might quote in the 2021(?) publication of “The Myth Of The Heartless Tory” from 6 films we recorded back in 2010, I wrote as follows: 

Beyond the reference to the recognition your RestorativeJustice work secured in NESTA's "Radical Efficiency" report (see Part 6 Brazil case study) and your prediction (already quoted in my #GE2019 #MoveForwardMoreTogether themed leafletof a time of more collective decision making on so many fronts, I seek to point the reader towards Miki Kashtan’s towards the end of “The #MythOfTheHeartlessTory” book.

Having asked Miki for an interview she wrote back wanting more clarity and expressing how stretched she was so I dropped it. It may be that before mid June you might initiate a zoom with me that provides fresher quotes and perspectives informed by the extra levels of poor government you have In Brazil’s tackling of the coming of this #PandemicEra. 

My barely informed comment on Brazil and Covid19 is, of course compared to in the UK where the fault of my Oxford contemporary Boris Johnson is IMHO over-egged by the left; the reality being structural and mass civil disobedience (in the name of British liberty) having accounted for much of the high death rate here. 


3 hour vaccine conversation

Deeply concerned, on Sunday 28th February 2021 I instigated a “3 hour Vaccination Conversation” with #StLeonardsLocalTreasureTonyMay. This was fruitful in unfolding the #VaccineHesitancy’s emotional onset & the inadequacy of the official response to such doubts.

“Try 1hr 10mins in to this recording & the following 23minutes or so; #HastingsPierFire apart, our greatest 10mins to date for opening up much needed #DialogueNotDebate, Tony May?”

(From the full film I recommend (& have asked my Political Secretary to transcribe for this blog) the twenty minutes from 1hr10mins to 1hr30mins. Please subscribe to this blog via the left hand column (in desktop view)).
Subsequently asked by a mutual friend & well-wisher “How can we persuade Tony to go along with the vaccination” I replied:“Some Points for talking to the Vaccine Hesitant: 1) Let go if the idea that the task is persuasion & recite the serenity prayer as this might not be something you can change and which (heart-wrenchingly) you need the serenity to accept2) Recognise the terrain you are on as one where trust to talk about this needs to be earned anew. If you can win that trust then be as ready as you can to be with that person in the midst of their anxieties.Very little of this terrain is about facts and arguments 3) Gently open up the sense of choices that the person has and alternative futures. Be vulnerable and honest as to what it means to you that the person has a decent quality of life and a decent range of choices they can make that might get them there.”