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Guesstimate the percentage of people around you who are....
- Time Rich and Money Poor?
- Money Rich and Time Poor?
- Time Poor and Money Poor?
- Money Rich and Time Rich?

How would you encourage people to better use their time/money to co-create a more caring and sharing community?

How about this approach to addressing the unevenness that creates so much (relative) misery?:
"No more do you have to save up for so many consumer items, the things you want and need are increasingly on or, for those not using the internet for sharing, People are now getting to meet their neighbours more and daring to ask to borrow stuff and help each other. Wonderful news, as long as it's done responsibly."

Skills get traded and new skills learned through your local Timebank. 
This is how people can afford to get services from others that they couldn't before:
1) the philosophy is "your hour is as valuable as my hour" 
2) you don't have to find a direct swap of services; the timebank broker finds creative ways you can earn your timebank hours, including for attending community meetings and delivering these leaflets or doing what you most love to do for others. 
3) It's easier to earn timebank credits than you think.

I'm particularly interested to hear from you:
1) a view you have about your local community 
2) something you'd like someone to offer to you
3) a skill you'd like to develop 
4) a grief or grievance you have?
5) your first name (& first letter of your surname?)
6) your photo?

#CommunityDevelopment sayings

I'd like to make it easier for people to get hold of tools and DVDs and books and transport and party items on our street without buying them. That's only half of why I streetbank; the rest is all the wonderful connections and unexpected benefits that come from knowing neighbours better. (

I like what you do and I'd like some hours of your time, please. Do you #timebank and what is it that you want our timebank to do (for you)? I love how the Timebank events build local skills whilst banking hours that go to serve marginalised members of the community. Thus we prevent evictions, boost family life and direct where there is need the energy of the surplus hours we accidentally create just by doing what we love to do with others.(

It's likely that I'll be older in the not too distant future and in need of help with shopping, cooking, caring in order to be fairly independent in the home I have. I timebank Care4Care hours and thus become a shareholder in Freelending Community Interest Company, in which I now have a vested interest to ensure this care service (that wonderful Heinz Wolff devised) rolls down from generation to generation.


more caring and sharing community

Enrich your life thus?

1) Put your books, DVDs, Skills to share etc on
2) Make new connections and share your sharing stories at
3) Let Paul Crosland ("#FreeRange #Buddhist" & "Lend-It-All Man") know what items/skills you want to be able to borrow through rather than buy anything ever again?, like the "Moneyless Man" has managed for 3 years now.
Less ambitiously, perhaps just share your book "wish list" or list the tools needed for some repairs; food, rent and care for the elderly/"needy" are longer term ambitions to be provided by timebanking.
4) Dare to dream of living a better quality, more connected life that costs you less and together we'll co-create the more caring & sharing community around us.

Meanwhile, if you want a taste of the Buddhist (and Pagan) Enquiry /practice driving my contribution to this work  prepare to find it confusing and esoteric:


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"#FreeRange #Buddhist"  walking and searching for soul and being available to give time, whilst making the YouTube Channel "toothpaste007" films that are integral to who I am.
This persona seems really integrated and appears both sustainable and growthful, a balancing act that the economic-political world hasn't got yet.
There's a long way to go yet before we get enough re-balancing.
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