Letter to Make Votes Matter

“The proposals, which were announced during the last session of Parliament in March, would make it easier for unpopular and highly divisive candidates to get into city and town halls on low levels of voter support, the reform movement says.”

Dear Co-ordinator of 20th May 2021 Hastings Meeting 

Please recognise (& read to the meeting, to which I send my apologies) that Proportional Representation is the only way that a divisive candidate called Nigel Farage became a parliamentarian; #FPTP stopped this happening in UK Parliament, Farage was an MEP. 2ndly PR excludes independent candidates who can advance policies (eg #UBI) that the two main parties shun. I stand for #50percentToElectAnMP and look forward to constructive engagement with how this builds a #DeeperLegitimacyParliament etc

Yours faithfully 

Paul Crosland

Independent Candidate, Hastings & Rye Constituency 


How a Spiritual Community can release it's wealth for India, for example

My proposal within a Buddhist Movement with lots of real estate is that: 1) People sell as much equity in their homes as they can afford without risking losing their ability to live ..[insert adjective depending on where you are on the householder-hermit spectrum]; 2) These people, whether or not they've raised extra money from their real estate, buy shares in the Retreat Centres and Buddhist Centres owned across the Western World (worth hundreds of millions) 3) The Buddhist Centres retain 51% control and use 25% of the 49% of their capital value raised to address the concerns of our larger Buddhist brotherhood & sisterhood in India; which might be a Vaccination programme for the entire nation, blind to religion and caste.


"Have Working Class Labour Voters gone Tory forever?", asks The Telegraph

"Have Working Class Labour Voters gone Tory forever?", asks The Telegraph and a rich reply is due in "The Myth Of The Heartless Tory" book by #PaulCroslandIndependentCandidate, informed by dialogue with #StLeonardsLocalTreasureTonyMay and others....

Most Mondays what do you do? I find that I have a fresh start to the book I'm writing about modern politics, culture...

Posted by Paul Crosland, Independent Candidate on Monday, 10 May 2021


In response to Green Shaming

In Ore Ward, for Hastings Borough Council Elections, 6th May 2021, my long-time acquaintance, Gary Rolfe, Green Party gained 205 votes. 

Seeing the #GreenPartyShaming going on on Facebook (with a Tory elected in a most-“deprived” ward) I wrote:

As a #GreenPartymember who stood as #PaulCroslandIndependentCandidate in #HastingsAndRyeConstituency, somehow gaining the highest #IndependentVote in the history of the constituency, I found the experience an eye opener as regards the distance to be travelled to get from #UnkindPolitics  to #RespectfulPolitics, by which we gain #DeeperAccountability rather than end up with #HowlingHustings. The experience has led me to write the forthcoming #MythOfTheHeartlessTory; I’m confident that I’m not the only Green who sees as much threat to humanity from Labour as the Tories; here’s the only blog I found of the #5thDecember2019 #HastingsHustings that brought the town into such direspute:


Was there a serious #OustBoris #ToryPlot before SuperThursday?

Have I misread a conspiracy ie #ToryCoup to #OustBoris? Was the appearance of a #MaxHastings master-move actually just Radio4’s World At One digging up an old enemy of Boris or did Max Hastings make the move to get his message of a clear & profitable route out of 10 Downing St & on to the uplands of #BorisJohnsonPublicEntertainer? In the #MythOfTheHeartlessTory I’ll be comparing the fortnight before the local elections as a period of blood-letting akin to the two months between #Pussygate in early autumn 2016 & the 20point recovery in opinion polls that Trump support needed to regroup after that setback. The main bloodletting “victim” is #CarrieAntoinette, whom TheSpectator has been IMHO effective in HoldingToAccount. Should she be seen to continue to seek to set Boris’s agenda and he act disproportionately according to her will/taste, the #OustBoris #ToryCoup will still rally & rally stronger. No one placed a bet at the #10 to 1 odds I offered. I repeat my offer at 5to1 that Boris will not be leading the Tories come the next election; up to £100 of bets (ie 20 x £1 bets) being taken. 


The only poll that matters

#PaulCroslandIndependentCandidate on #ToryCoup to #OustBoris (complete with Facebook Response) 

The idea that “The only poll that matters is the General Election” needs serious reconsideration in relation to the unfolding #ToryCoup to #OustBoris..:

Not so; #BorisIsMortallyWounded & is unlikely to see out his elected term of office, unless the #ToryCoup to #OustBoris is foiled by #RishiSunak refusing dialogue. Elementary mistake to think that Starmer’s polling is what counts more than RishiSunak’s, which is, of course, being done in secret. I offered generous odds on #BorisJohnson being out of office soon; that Facebook Advert/Boosted Post is doing the rounds of the #SouthEastCoast this weekend?:

“The mistake the #lefties are making is to presume that #BorisJohnson is invulnerable until the unlikely day that #KierStarmer is more popular; actually, as with #MargaretThatcher the question is whether there’s a Tory who better protects the integrity of the “Conservative Brand”. The interview on #WorldAtOne during the week of Boris’s former boss, former head of the Telegraph, #MaxHastings, was painting the picture of Boris leaving #10DowningStreet to have an easier life (& richer one) as #BorisJohnsonPublicEntertainer. Even the #DailyMail put the knife into Boris twice this week, with front-page headlines about #BodiesPiledHigh-#gate and (my favourite headline since #FreddieStarrAteMyHamster; #BorisPaintedIntoACorner. Now it’s #CurtainsForBoris”