In response to Green Shaming

In Ore Ward, for Hastings Borough Council Elections, 6th May 2021, my long-time acquaintance, Gary Rolfe, Green Party gained 205 votes. 

Seeing the #GreenPartyShaming going on on Facebook (with a Tory elected in a most-“deprived” ward) I wrote:

As a #GreenPartymember who stood as #PaulCroslandIndependentCandidate in #HastingsAndRyeConstituency, somehow gaining the highest #IndependentVote in the history of the constituency, I found the experience an eye opener as regards the distance to be travelled to get from #UnkindPolitics  to #RespectfulPolitics, by which we gain #DeeperAccountability rather than end up with #HowlingHustings. The experience has led me to write the forthcoming #MythOfTheHeartlessTory; I’m confident that I’m not the only Green who sees as much threat to humanity from Labour as the Tories; here’s the only blog I found of the #5thDecember2019 #HastingsHustings that brought the town into such direspute:

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