Letter to Make Votes Matter

“The proposals, which were announced during the last session of Parliament in March, would make it easier for unpopular and highly divisive candidates to get into city and town halls on low levels of voter support, the reform movement says.”

Dear Co-ordinator of 20th May 2021 Hastings Meeting 

Please recognise (& read to the meeting, to which I send my apologies) that Proportional Representation is the only way that a divisive candidate called Nigel Farage became a parliamentarian; #FPTP stopped this happening in UK Parliament, Farage was an MEP. 2ndly PR excludes independent candidates who can advance policies (eg #UBI) that the two main parties shun. I stand for #50percentToElectAnMP and look forward to constructive engagement with how this builds a #DeeperLegitimacyParliament etc

Yours faithfully 

Paul Crosland

Independent Candidate, Hastings & Rye Constituency 

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