Paul Crosland AKA Lend-It-All-Man is happier by living less with money & more in a "face to face" (time) exchange, sharing & gifteconomy

2nd December 2011, The Metro reports greater happiness amidst economic downturn.
The site I'd love you to record your interest in a healthier form of economics is:

The times we are living in, or approaching, are transition times, when the choice is between giving up  unsustainable consumption or death of our species. Logically, there is no alternative, and by sharing we can save resources and learn co-operation with each other (and harmony with the earth that sustains us).

2011 Lend-It-All Man Films

2010 Lend-It-All Man Films

The skill-set of greatest value that I want to continue to work on is that of sharing as well as that of handling our conflicts:

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