Please take the time for (some of) these 12 films and get in touch

What do you most like doing for others? Let's offer it within a local (Triratna?) Timebank, Let's stop marginalising people and work on creating "a more caring & sharing" community & model this to the UK!
On the Toothpaste 007 Channel I started in 2008 (and which has really flourished since moving to Hastings -25,000 views so far) I offer a dozen of the videos as ones that I've chosen for people to find most easily.
When there are over 400 to choose from, a dozen favourites does not cover the range of what I'd most like to share with you.
Thus, whilst you can go later to the YouTube site (and subscribe to Toothpaste 007 Channel?), here now is my latest selection of a dozen of my favourite videos.
Below that are my favourite blogs and web links to give you an intro to the social transformation I'm interested in engaging you in.
The blog I produced for 20 hours of time-exchange with Maria Arpa (CEO of the Charity I'm closest to -The Centre for Peaceful Solutions) is this one:
and here's a quick clip from that blog about Maria and her partner David and workign well with conflict:

I may sound abrupt at the start of the above clip. I push people's buttons from time to time, no doubt.
I hope you have the patience, imagination and inspiration to get back to me with your idea of how we could connect in a way that works for us (& all).












Here's a page I'm proud of (though it still needs editing towards the bottom) about the anniversary pier fire event I put on in Hastings (& attracted Police to):
And here's an Introduction to the Boddhisattva Ideal:

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