Our (virtuous) intentions in meeting here (virtually)?

The web is a battle ground for me, and I suspect in some way, for you too? Where the conflict is is in relation to what the web is for? My use of it is both about 'What can I grasp?'and 'What can I give?' When I engage with the web with an intention of giving, I experience open, expansive states. This I like much more than when I let the web ensnare my tendencies towards greed, hatred and confusion about what's most important now.

I list on this page only the sites on which I give the most; other uses of the web are confessed in; but why would you want to read my confession?
"When you can do nothing else, you can always give"
You can start giving:
  1. by starting a difficult communication:
  2. by sharing something you have:
Comment on the use of technology for healing:

Be wryly amused about how I even try and bring the healing of 'being with nature'into a blog:
Be even more amused at Paul following the wry advice of a friend to create a blog of my newesr blogs!:; a meta-blog, no less.

Call in at the "generosity Head Quarters" in Hastings (or take the virtual tour):
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