"Those who realize that we are all heading for death will compose their quarrels."The Dhammapada, verse 6.

What does Mediation Support Ltd do:
"We innovate in getting stuck communications unstuck and people taking responsibility in their communities".

A free 'ApologyPlus' service to process your grievances/conflicts is available to all enquirers, and extra service is available for those who were on Hastings Pier on 5th October 2010

Mediation Support Ltd pricing structure

From 2006-2011 the work of all Mediation Support Ltd staff and associates was charged at £30/hour.
From 2011 onwards all work is supplied on the basis that you make a donation according to how satisfied you are with the work done and how you value the time and other resources that Mediation Support Ltd have put in to supporting you. If we agree to take on your concerns, we try our best to find ways to help you meet your needs without compromise.

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