Sally-Ann Hart has my blessing to “Get Brexit Done”, to strive towards “Kinder Politics” & “Deeper Accountability”. Also to do her best for those bringing their Hastings & Rye constituency problems to her, but not to vote on penal matters without prior discussion of our respective experience in Criminology and Criminal Justice administration.

“Deeper Legitimacy” is the movement I hereby launch today; subscribe to this blog to receive a blog post that lays out the composition of the #DeeperLegitimacyParliament, in which Sally-Ann Hart (gaining only 49.6% of the Hastings and Rye constituency vote in 2019) is only mandated by my (#AsIfByMagic) 1% of the vote only in these matters:
- #GetBrexitDone 
- #KinderPolitics and #DeeperAccountability
I favour a #BeyondPolarisationInPoliticsAlliance rather than the less principled #AntiToryAlliance; and part of my track record in advocacy for positive campaigns is recorded in the Hastings  & St Leonards Observer.

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