2066 Country (General Election 2024) Battle Cry: “Pensions At 30”- paid for by Land Value Tax of 3%

In what may seem Utopian(?) or Outrageous(?) to your sensibilities/conditioning  (but is to me one of three “obvious” intermediate steps to “Universal Basic Income”; the second being the abolition of the Minimum Wage for those over 30; freeing them up to do the #WorkCryingOutToBeDone in every community), “Pension At 30” is one of the (nonviolent) Battle Cries in @2066Country Hastings And Rye Constituency General Elections henceforth.

For anyone whose 1st birthday was around the time Saddham Hussain was toppled in Iraq (ie born in 2003),  a pension check at HMRC online would look like this:

Tweet clarifying matters.
Above I spoke of 3 steps to be taken alongside #PensionAt30; the third being a “Citizens Assembly”(or Sociocracy-type of representative forum) to overhaul Housing Benefit and lower rents without lowering quality of rented accommodation. Increasing accessibility to rental accommodation by those living only on £175/week benefits (ie Pension instead of Universal Basic Income)  is one key consideration and Acorn Tenants’ Union a key voice to consult with & challenge. The incentive to increased sharing of accommodation is foreseen; reducing the pressure to build new housing that pushes up rental prices. 
I propose -and await your “Grassroots Manifesto” of 4-10points that may well have a better proposal that to get rents down all Housing Benefits be cut by 50% on the day that the £175/wk pensions for those aged 30+ are introduced.
The incentive for landlords and tenants to get involved in direct democracy to restore (or reconfigure) Housing Benefit is very clear.
The larger pot of money from which the change comes is the introduction of a 3% Land Value Tax on all properties or land of greater value than £400,000. This is an arbitrary figure designed to shift the balance between expensive and less expensive places to live. It would generate a “return to the country” in a pincer movement of tax burdens and tax breaks. What figures do you favour for the cut-off points for taxation and are the differences between what I’m proposing and the 10 most important policies to you such that you will be committing any of your 4-10point #GrassrootsManifestoes in seeking an alternative taxation and spending plan?

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