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On the 17th October 2020, aged 54, in the second film below, I came out as “an elitist” and created the hashtag #ComingOutAsAnElitist for you, in due course. We may think that we are egalitarian until we realise what DirectDemocracy could well produce. This struck home after a dialogue on St Leonards Warrior Square station the day before. Here is the last 45 seconds of that first #PoliticsOnThePlatform series, part of my “Levelling Up” my YouTube channel so that the user can choose between different kinds/levels of films, which I'll further clarify in later posts. In the future you'll be able to initiate a #WeZoomedAcrossDifference Conference on Zoom co-hosted by myself and a specialist in your chosen area of concern/influence.

For now I want to give more background to the developing #PoliticsOnThePlatform playlist:
- Political interviews of depth & originality whilst I test #KinderPoliticsWorkingHypothesis001 that #KinderPolitics will produce #DeeperAccountability. (Other benefits to self & other which you may presume please put into the form of a hypothesis to be tested)

-PoliticsOnThePlatform -initial invite sent out to “Common Treasury”, “Isolation Station Hastings”, and Maria Arpa, MBE (“for services to mediation” -see the blogpost “I've got your back Sally-Ann and Peter” composed with Maria in the aftermath of the 5th December 2019 Hustings “Minimum Wage -Did you Read the article?” debacle that prompted my beginning to write “The Myth Of The Heartless Tory*” (for 2021 publication?) *In the #BookOf4Quarters

- Other invitees intially to be those I am more easily able to go deeper with on account of friendship, starting on 16th October 2020 with my longest standing friend of 43 years, Author & Historian from St Leonards, Chris Gidlow. Soon it will be the turn of Tony May; our ten year friendship began on YouTube -& here's a playlist demonstrating some of that rich story:

Please email me with subject heading #PoliticsOnAPlatform if you want to join me on the bench which Transition Town Hastings has put there.

NB There has been a bit of a North/South divide in relation to the railway bridge towards the Seaview Centre, Southwater Rd – the road I was told that the main person responsible for the 2010 pier fire lived; hence my establishing the Mediation Support Ltd office from 2011-2015 at the Southwater Community Centre which I kept afloat and which,as a Community Development worker (freelance but head-hunted by the Hastings Trust) I kept positively in the eye of our most senior politicians in the years 2011-2015 -and the Sussex Police into whom Mediation Support Ltd went into informal partnership, whilst doing commissioned work for Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust which was not honoured by payment for services received. I do believe that if they had taken to heart the harmonisation policy for Trustees which  I and a colleague had produced then the Hastings Pier Charity would not have had to go into administration.

So following my shock at my oldest friend's views on defending against burglary and his strong case as to what Direct Democracy might produce in terms of legal support for shooting intruders in the back etc after #SleepingOnIt I headed off for my Flu Jab with an emerging need to honour the oft-hidden Elitist within me, who whilst being accountable to the Deeper Democracy envisaged by #GrassrootsManifestoes of 4-10points per citizen, leading to a #DemocracyOfNeeds; a concept I have worked-up from the work of Nonviolent Communication's (leading light?) Miki Kashtan.
I will be putting a link to this blogpost on and then in the next blog post I will list the 10 points that constitute “#GrassrootsManifestoes #HastingsAndRye #HastingsCitizenManifesto @paulcrosland #PaulBasicIncomeCrosland* (*on Facebook)”

Fond Memory of "A Good Week", 2011, attracting support across the political spectrum; the letter from Amber Rudd, MP, being reproduced in the 2019 Independent Candidate Election Mailing to all 56,400 postal addresses in Hastings and Rye constituency. (Inside of A3 folded to A5)

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