i don't know best; we know better

Paul Pause5G PutACrossForCrosland Crosland's Engaging In The Political Realm

In the 2019 General Election I am standing for Generosity - yours and mine.

You might know me as "Pause5G Man". I'll take that label because we have here a classic example of the care for our health being over-ridden by the non-negotiated interests of distant people who have not sought the community's informed consent. Instead, they have changed laws and influenced organisations that might previously have protected us more -including the World Health Organisation.

How is "Pause5G Man" coming across to you?

How about we talk about this more after you've read a bit of the science on and had a conversation with a sufferer of electromagnetic sensitivity?
Try starting such a conversation here:

If we can just put down our respective positions on the 5G issue(?) I'd like it if you engaged with me on a basis of heart-wrenching concern for democracy, for our fractured communities and for our whole civilisation?

Paul Edward Crosland's St Leonards Round 1 (2011-2015) Back-catalogue:

Paul Pause5G PutACrossForCrosland Crosland's Work As A FreeRange #CommunityDeveloment Worker/Mediator:

Here are some other parts of "Pause5G Man"; how I have made a living:

Paul (Pause5G PutACrossForCrosland) Crosland's HomeWork as Care Co-ordinator For His Dad since Mum died in 2012:

Paul (Pause5G PutACrossForCrosland) Crosland's working in his Hinterland - which he is bringing into Communal Ownership:

Paul's itinerant Family Life, though the campaign and being #bipolarwarrior have kept us apart July 2019-December 2019:

Paul (Pause5G PutACrossForCrosland) Crosland's Ethical Framework To Which He Is Accountable:

Paul (Pause5G PutACrossForCrosland) Crosland's Favourite Song About Accountability:

Paul (Pause5G PutACrossForCrosland) Crosland in his "Lend It All Man" Alter-ego:

Paul -Pause5G PutACrossForCrosland- Crosland's 2019 General Election Endorsements:

#CelebratingUniqueness History Country and Coast in Hastings and Rother - A Pause5G #PutACrossForCrosland #GeneralElection19 Offering from #StLeonards:

#HastingsTube - One of the best choices of how to use YouTube IMHO -getting to know those you see around your area & actually getting ready to speak to them!:

#HastingsCitizenManifesto - amongst Paul's greatest offerings(?) -made via St Leonards Sharing Consortium:

Paul Pause5G PutACrossForCrosland Crosland's suggestions as to which garden gate you might open next?

I'd love for you to bring to our #DialogueNotDebate an open awareness of many ways in which people disconnect from perhaps the three key relationships: self, others and nature.

"I don't know best, we know better".

Let's talk; on or off:

and here's a shortcut to the St Leonards Sharing Consortium website:

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