HastingsCitizenManifesto at The Oak Bakery

Turning a bakery conversation into a HastingsCitizenManifesto 

-and working with difference to make an “I don't know best; we know better" plan:
HastingsCitizenManifesto at The Oak Bakery, London Road, #StLeonardsOnSea

As your Independent Candidate for MP, I'm often writing to the papers to get more #DialogueNotDebate going.

Below is the letter I sent to the Hastings Observer in time for (hoped for) publication on 22nd November 2019.
Instead, the content from me published was (half of) my candidate statement alongside those of the local representatives of the three main political parties. See the 29th November 2019 Observer for the second half of the candidates introducing themselves to the Hastings & Rye constituency.

Dear Readers

I wish to celebrate the fairness I perceive in how the letters sent in get on the page. Let me share my experience over 8 years, since the one that I was honoured in 2011 to find published in pride of place with the title conjured by your staff of “We Need To Act If We Want Justice”. If you want to know the background to your Independent Candidate in the Hastings & Rye General election, 2019, you could do no better than start by searching on-line for that title or for “Paul Crosland” in the Hastings Observer site. The photo you might there find for which I am again grateful to the Observer is for “Group is aiming to get Hastings smiling again”. My last mention in your paper was for “hasting's campaign group's concerns, letter by my proposer in this General Election. All 10 nominators for my candidacy took a bold step in an ultra marginal seat -where misunderstanding of the most likely effects of my candidacy abounds. I thank anyone who follows Voltaire's sentiment that “Even (if/)though I detest what you are saying, I uphold to the death your right to say it!”. The irony is that apart from #Pause5G I'm not saying anything; just offering you the #HastingsCitizenManifesto #MoveForwardMoreTogether process to draw out what you care about, bring you into respectful dialogue with those of the opposite opinion and work creatively to create a joint plan of action out of such different #DreamCycling. It was, for me, in India that I had my strongest experience of the potency of the “Find Your Power” Dream-Plan-Do-Review formula; and so I am soon due back in India to hear how the 2010 dreams for ten years time have been lived, betrayed or, if like me, somewhere in-between.

Meanwhile, I was in my “3rd St Leonards Office”(adopted) office this morning -The oak Bakery, and a retired gent called Eddie came across to me saying: “

The whole conversation is, of course, on the “Pause5G PutACrossForCrosland” YouTube channel, and donations for my Parliamentary Campaign are to be sent via paypal to my email address 

When anyone emails that address, for the duration of the elecetion campaign they receive back, amongst other attempts to offer something very useful to transforming (y)our life/lives for the better:
 not just email me anyhow and you'll get an auto-reply with these links

To look at a blog post of "relatable" people considering their vote in the general election 2019 on camera, click here.

Not only is “William the 2066Country Conqueror no longer a floating voter, all at sea”. William is clear now in his intention to PutACrossForCrosland and he knows why he intends to do that.
I'd appreciate emails to me and my political secretary, Kerrie, in which you convey your voting intention, what lies behind (or beneath?) your intention, and any other thoughts you'd like to share about the election. I'm seeking to encourage #DialogueNotDebate and can be counted on to reply from a place in which I have considered your words/being with as much balance and openness as I can muster.

Maybe you have never had and still don't have any wish to vote on 12th December.
The Hastings Independent of 15th November 2019 finished their leading story with a recognition of me as the alternative to mainstream politics:

I'm sincerely sad if abstention is still your choice on 12th December 2019; please open to where Wisdom and Compassion are trying to guide you to vote.

The polling station information is here...

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