A plea for team-building as the pre-requisite of community-building

Dear X
Let me just mark this stage of the "story" by stating that I believe you can achieve great things in St Leonards in the context of a strong team that is deeply committed to working through conflicts. To use Maria's words (paraphrased): "Wherever there is more than one person, there is conflict. Wherever the conflict is expressed there is a dispute. Wherever there is conflict or dispute, an authentic exploration of needs and values enables healing that no other process achieves."
The vision that I had for you, Patsy Solanki, Sue C & Ms Z last autumn was of "a sisterhood", providing mutual support that enabled you, amongst other things, to get the best out of me in making my contribution to "a more caring and sharing St Leonards", to which I am deeply committed, though often feel under-resourced. Thus, some difficulties in life I too postpone handling, striving to treat people with respect as I do so.
Of course I balance this by asking: Why postpone your integration (& integrity) any longer?
Kind regards/ Lots of love (whichever you prefer)

Also - I've experimented in many ways with filming. I'd really value it if you subscribed and let me know what filming could enhance your connection with others and help  develop a "more caring & sharing community" around you?


For a better quality of connection and mutual understanding, please phone/text 0780 70 66 202.
I usually prefer calls & will call bac

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