Freely distributing "the heart of mindful relationships" and helping the strong

Dear X
I've  been reminded recently of a controversial aphorism: "Help the Strong".
This morning I realised what my working definition of "the strong" is ie those who have been receptive to one of your two-day trainings or to some other formalised structure to support individual growth eg Hastings Buddhist Centre, as supported by a guy called Vidyakaya*.

Rather than give everyone who attended your training here a copy of your book, prompted by my partner", I want to practice freelending (and possibly timebanking at the same time). Buying a stock of just 10 books from you, I'll promote the book to those who came to your last years training, lend the book for a month to anyone who wants to borrow it (including an advert for it in the forthcoing fortnightly newspaper I'm launching at St Leonards Warrior Square Station), and deliver/collect it on my bike using timebanked hours where possible. 

For those who haven't seen Maria's advert for her book, here it is: 

* And here is Vidyakaya:

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