"The Speed of Trust" & how we can build it quickly between ourselves

Everything looks very different (especially my videos) depending on where you stand in relation to trusting me, and that the best way of building trust with me is:

  1. Build mutual understanding 
  2. Take responsibility for your own emotional baggage 
  3. Build an action plan to address unmet needs 
  4. Plan a review meeting to discuss whether the plan met the needs  
  5. Repeat 1-4 ad infiniteum until you learn a better way to live. :-) 
Recommended reading: "The Speed of Trust" by Stephen R Covey. Ironically this book is packaged as if it were written by his far more esteemed dad; I for one was fooled! If you can get past this apparent deception and absorb a tenth of this book it will save you so much stress and wasted resources*. (Available for free from the Southwater Area Community Centre Streetbank depot). *I'm currently involved in a mediation case where it holds the prospect of saving £200,000.
My services (through Mediation Support Ltd, Southwater Community Centre) as a mediator are available to you on the basis of "an hour of my time for an hour of yours" - this is brokered through a formal or informal timebank eg so that you spend your hour doing something you like to do for your local community eg having a cup of tea with your neighbours two doors away. The importance of your taking neighbourliness to the next level, and beyond, can hardly be overstated in my opinion. If younwant research evidence let's start with that showing the lower rate of burglaries -and pier fires, I presume- the more we generate the environment wherein we know (& love?) our neighbours.

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