The Walking Buddha

The Walking Buddha (of South East England)

Whilst applying for jobs in community development (eg those being established by the Hastings Trust), my longer-term main project is to co-write a TV film (set in St Leonards on Sea) entitled "The Walking Buddha (of South East England)".
At the appropriate stage I intend to meet up with an old school friend who is a script-writer for Eastenders, Casualty etc in order to propose that we join forces in co-writing. 

One key influence in the gestation of the script so far has been the 3 part "Public Enemies" on BBC iPlayer; staring Daniel Mays and Anna Friel.
In "The Walking Buddha (of South East England)" the cast is as follows:
- Yvonne (who arrives home with daughter Cosette) to find her house burnt down.
- Howard from Hastings (her new partner) who gives Yvonne & Cosette shelter, but little solace.
- Dr Ambedkar, who, although he died in 1956, appears as a guide to the "more enlightened" characters.
- A blog or two eg:
- Josh, Joey, Shane & Will (Youth involved in the house fire who take different degrees of responsibility with what they know; Josh is the one who gave Joey's mobile number to Paul Crosland, having read the appeal in the Hastings Observer by Paul Crosland's company, Mediation Support Ltd for further information about the circumstances surrounding the CCTV footage of two people at the time of the fire.
-Paul Crosland, an agent provocateur who attracts the attention of the police from time to time for his wide range of "edgy" activities, including winning the 2010 Social Innovation Camp award for coming up with the idea for "the app with most potential to reduce youth offending & imprisonment" Here's the winning presentation, with the founding ideas of Restorative Technology Ltd:

Much of the source material for the TV-film is also being put into a play format for performance at Triratna Buddhist Centres across the UK and can be found on

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