30th January 2012 Launch of "East Sussex Veg People" website

With your support this website will connect small veg growers (and I'm not being height-ist here!) into "St Leonards Sharing" Timebank:

East Sussex Veg People website

Here is how it will work 
- with your support:
  1. You do (more of) what you like to do & bank the hours with "St Leonards Sharing" Timebank. (NB The timebank may require these hours to be of clear service to someone else before they allow them to be counted; and please note that some time spent on your allotment -if you have one- can be banked as hours owed to you)
  2. Your credits at the Timebank can be exchanged for veg or for help with errands/chores/cleaning as well as for all the usual therapies or help from Mediation Support Ltd to transform some issue with someone that is giving you grief.
  3. You even earn time credits/veg for coming to the October AGM for the Timebank, and deciding with the rest of us what projects the timebank should most support.
Timebanking is much more than an alternative way to buy/sell food, pay the rent and build community.
It is not just an alternative currency, but opens up a whole new way of working.
Crucial are the skills and creativity of the Timebank Broker & the Timebank Community Development Worker.

Here's me interviewing Sarah Bird from Timebanking UK about an example of the synergy that timebanking can create when money stops working for us (& seems to be working more for bankers elsewhere!)

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