Sadly, last Saturday widened the gap between the haves and the have-nots in St Leonards on Sea

I would like to believe in the “Personal Integration” & “Collective Integrity” of those Home-Owners who support Momentum. By this, I mean I dearly hope they act in solidarity with those of us who can’t see beyond being in the rental sector in Hastings and Rye constituency, which extends as far as Camber Sands (for those who rarely consider the lives lived there).

Unfortunately a piece in the Times newspaper on Saturday (available free from many a local library’s access to national papers) revealed some of the secrets of #StLeonards as the place to live, thus making matters worse for us by inflating property prices/values, with little sign that property owners will be holding themselves individually & collectively to account for how they ensure that extra value gets channelled into generating a more equitable (& therefore secure & happier) society. 

So the short-sighted (Gollum-like) “my precious”-ness that can occur in householders is only slightly offset by apparently altruistic #SocialJustice work by   #JessSteele who features suitably prominently (as does #AcornTenantsUnion) in the UNMISSABLE film from a year ago:
“#ChangingHastings - The Affordable Property and Gentrification Dilemma in Hastings”

Please share other examples of who is generating the means by which the gap between income levels & rents is being reversed and #SocialJustice attained? If you know of no such schemes, please clarify what you think such a scheme might look like. You might even go a stage beyond in getting your ideas voiced by your ongoing local Independent Candidate**; between elections your voice will come through if you upload your 4-10point #HastingsCitizenManifesto to the collected #GrassrootsManifestoes; instructions at - this possibility of your voice being heard in #HastingsHustings and the local press (as well on as the YouTube channel: #RefugeTreeWoods) I suggest is reason enough to dip your (Manifes)toe into the Twittersphere!

*At present I see #PartyPolitics as a #NecessaryEvil until people #WakeUpEnough & apply the #SpiritualDiscipline to shape social media to generate #DirectDemocracy (with being a doorway into creating a #DemocracyOfNeeds and the #HouseOfCommons sufficiently populated by #WhipFreeAccountableMavericksInParliament (#WFAMIP s) to #MakeADifference. The rising alternative of people wanting a semi-autocratic ruler (& not just Trump-supporters in the US) is truly scary; the far left (& GeorgeMonbiot’s YouTube channel) needs to acknowledge the dangers in language very different from that they are presently using (& thereby alienating themselves further from those who self-identity as having #AWorkingClassBackground).

**#PutACrossForCrosland & upload your 4-10point @GManifestoes for #YourUnheardVoiceInHastingsAndRyeConstituencyPolitics*** for #KinderPolitics & for #DeeperAccountability


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