Climate -A New Story by Charles Eistenstein

"The intensity and ubiquity of the conversation around [fossil fuels causing global warming] sucks the air out of the room for issues like wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, toxic and nuclear waste, soil erosion, aquifer depletion, and so on. Tragically, as I will argue, it is precisely these other issues that are the hidden drivers of climate instability. Climate change is a symptom of ecosystem degredation, a process that goes back at least five thousand years and has reached peak intensity today. It arises from the basic relationship that has prevailed between civilisation and nature" (p56)
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deshepherd said...

Paul Crosland asked me to read this & leave a comment, so here it is having just read the Prologue and the first chapter, A Lost Truth.
Charles Eisenstein, in my view, correctly describes how and why we cannot tackle environmental and socio economic issues within existing political frameworks, be they communist or capitalist. The only way out of the maze we find ourselves in, regardless of how hard we struggle to find a way out, is by changing the existing paradigm from separation to one of interconnectedness with our planet that sustains the life we share in.
His reasoning and insights are admirable and I for one will continue reading the chapters that follow. So why comment after the first chapter you might ask?
The simple reason is that by calling the earth a planet Eisenstein has fallen into the snare that keeps us lost in the maze. As long as you believe the earth is a planet you will remain separated from Earth; it'll be like going to church and going through the motions without having received Grace and the gift of the Holy Spirit, or sitting on your arse meditating for hours on end and not being mindful in life apart from a sense of conceited superiority.
Classifying the Earth as a Planet is the indoctrination that binds us in this maze, matrix, or whatever you want to call it. The earth is not a planet but is as Tesla said, a Realm, and to return to that golden age we had some 6,000 years ago before we became separated we need to realise this. And to do this we need to use what grey cells we are all more or less equally endowed with at birth and question what we have been indoctrinated into believing since going into the classroom.
If you classify the Earth as a planet you will naturally be inclined to view it like the sun and moon, with the circular globe sitting in the classroom enforcing the paradigm. It's a fact most people have accepted since they were at least 7 years old and never questioned because they've been dumbed down at school, their water has been flouridated, and so on. And if they have grown up and questioned it they more often than not remain silent for fear of being ridiculed. Unfortunately as creatures of habit people tend to retain their their childhood beliefs. So let's have some fun here upsetting these!
We all know for a fact that water flows downwards and not upwards, don't we? So why haven't all the seas and oceans emptied into the southern hemisphere? Because of gravity they say, and you accept it? Question it! If a tiny magnet can defy gravity by lifting a metal object many times its own mass, do you really think that gravity can prevent the seas and oceans emptying into the southern hemisphere? Of course not! Newton did not get the idea of gravity from the falling apple; that is a falsehood. The falling apple gave him the idea as to how to calculate distances between planets by way of calculating the apple's acceleration through space. Gravity for Newton was the force of attraction and repulsion between planetary bodies.
No doubt there'll be many amongst you who pride themselves on being intellectually superior to their fellow men because they are scientists and label me a flat earther and ridicule me about falling off the earth, but they do not apply the scientific method and their acquaintance with Newton is pure heresay that has been passed down some 300 years. So what does prevent the seas and oceans emptying out over the ends of the earth you are probably wondering. The answer is the Antarctic that circumscribes the Earth and is off limits to mortals like you and me. Take a look at the UN flag , circumscribe it with the Antarctic and there you have our blessed REALM.
Flat Earth is the beginning of enlightenment and the realisation that the Earth is not a planet but a realm. When we move on to this paradigm Eisenstein's inter connectedness can become a spiritual reality with far reaching changes