On being asked to end my political gesture

“Hi , I was at the hustings this thursday and it was clear that you are a man of compassion trying to help people , but it seems to me positively counter productive of you to then  stand as a progressive independent here in Hastings thus splitting the progressive vote and therefore in effect  helping the distinctly uncompassionate Sally Ann Hart become Hasting's next MP. Please , therefore stand aside and recommend your supporters transfer their support to the equally compassionate Peter Chowney who can if elected actually then bring practical help to the poor and vulnerable in Hastings , which is so desperately needed rather than political gestures , however well intentioned.”

Hello “Fred”, or do you prefer that I address you differently?  Thank you for taking the trouble to contact me with your request that kind of assumes my votes are coming from those who would otherwise vote Labour, rather than that my candidacy will, for example, equally reduce the Conservative vote. Is this a “received wisdom” that you are passing on, or based on something more substantial?
Furthermore you write of compassion, a topic that I value reflecting on. What kind of compassion do you think Peter Chowney stands for and what kind do you take it that I stand for. Do you see clear water between our approaches to compassion etc?
Thirdly, and finally until your reply, what “gesture” were you born to make and how’s that going? Seriously, I want everyone to stand for what they believe in and do it with the support of us all. I look forward to taking note of your #HastingsCitizensManifesto and doing my best to uphold it; which would be aided if you’d join this playlist with a 3.5minute introduction to you hashtagged #HastingsTube. Thanks:


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