Explaining the nature of the #2066 #Timebanking Gallery

The space is intended to be a hub for the engagement of local people in exchanging services through the principle of timebanking. The St Leonards Sharing Timebank aim is that at least 40 hours a week of doing odd jobs for each other are undertaken in the Southwater Area. Rather than just present this on I intend to present the community-building nature of this work through encouraging a greater flow of the community into a Timebanking themed Gallery, to be called the #2066 #Timebanking Gallery, where people will be able to borrow from 5 bookcases of Mind, Body, Spirit (& other books), engage in dialogue with the Gallery Assistant and possibly buy a number of items. The key items on sale are presently planned to be books about Community Development work, how people have learned to live well despite low incomes, how more equal societies are happier and how to engage better in Needs-based dialogue and co-create empowered communities. Photos that I had in a 2012 Coastal Currents exhibition and CDs of performers at the Timebank events will also feature.

A range of events will be regularly provided that will use the main hall for eg a folk singer or a training like that which approximately 20 people attended In September 2011 (Dialogue Road Map Training) & the chair of Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust, having been greatly moved by, said he would recommend to all boards of Trustees with which he was engaged. With the intention of demonstrating the much wider range of applicability of this training it seems best to also mention Stuart, a homeless guy who turned up at the Southwater Centre instead of the Seaview centre and was given accommodation by another of the event attendees. Stuart also valued the two day training, not just for the friendliness experienced and high quality of connection with others but for the learning.

Until the Timebank grows I can only guarantee the following opening hours for the #2066 #Timebanking Gallery:
Monday 1pm-6pm
Friday 12-8pm
Entry at other times will be based on appointment & I would also maintain the Mediation Service I run ( from this space along with having the more private space for sensitive dialogue upstairs.

On a couple of Fridays a month I would intend to host meetings of Hastings & St Leonards Action For Happiness.

The value base of all activities is that they be carried out with "openness, accountability, and be focused on co-creating more caring and sharing community."

Kind regards

Paul Crosland
Community Development

#FreeRange #Buddhist
Curator of #2066 #Timebanking Gallery
The Imperfect Idealist
"Lend-It-All Man"
Action For Hastings Happiness 'Pay It Forward' Rickshaw Captain

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