About my "Buddhist Boot Camp" inspired videos

Latest reply to a commentator on my Buddhist Boot Camp inspired videos on http://YouTube.com/toothpaste007 "Thank you Luca, I have great respect and gratitude for Stephen Bachelor both for his books and how he is face to face as a teacher. "Buddhism without Beliefs" was my entry from a state of despair (with humanity)in the face of a relationship end to my love of the Triratna Buddhist order and discovery of Ambedkarite Buddhism in India (1956 mass conversion in Nagpur to the present day). "The Faith to Doubt" is another of Stephen's books I hold dear. My interest in Timber Hawkeye's one and only book - he has no others in the pipeline and is moving from Hawaii to California to train in being a signer (sign language not sign painting) is that he has some knockout (over-simplistic) ideas and I'd love the world to understand the basic choice between loving what is and fearing it that we encounter day by day. I love Sangharakshita's assertion (in The Relgion of Art) that the core value of Buddhism is fearlessness, and this fearlessness to me now, is the product of wisdom & compassion. Also I love "Buddhist Boot Camp - Repentance"; video of that name uploaded yesterday and the basic idea that the world would be better if we levelled out working for money to approx 20hours for each person (in The West); to which I suggest we also have an equal number of hours in our lives socialising in ways that exchange Timebank credits. All of this has to be conveyed simply to others (well, that's my chosen mission); what would it take for me to recruit you onto the team - money etc?"

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