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Had you emailed me (at first name dot surname recently, the following (long-winded?) plea for a 1st follower(see TED talk above)in developing “the Festival of The New Society 2066” is what you would have got by way of autoreply:
In politics trust the voice that does most to get their opponents heard.
As Head of Restorative Justice for the UK-wide charity for community mediation I produced (back in 2003) a revolutionary book of cases of people getting beyond “Righteous Anger” etc; now a free pdf-or word document- here: 

My main occupation is “Paul Crosland Draft Author”; the current plan has me finishing writing a book a year such that in 8 out of the 12 years leading to my 67th birthday, (when not “Living The Dream” that for me would be to lead a “Buddhist Right Livelihood Team” instituting a “Town Sharing Consortium” & “MutualCare Agency”) the  gestating books listed below will be born. If any of them interest you, a request FROM YOU for a Zoom call discussing the points of mutual interest is likely to be well received:

1.  ”The Myth of the Heartless Tory; 108 Quests towards Kinder Politics & Deeper Accountability” 
-arising from being the most successful Independent Parliamentary Candidate (GE2019) in the history of the Hastings & Rye Constituency*.

2. Invest in 2066 Country; 108 Quests towards the “Festival of ‘The New Society’ 2066” 
(-outlining Small PositiveGroup Economic Power in which perhaps 1 in 10 people sets up a currency like “2066 Timebanking Hours”)

3. Level Up Our Life; 108 Quests (with Merlin’s mates) towards the Mind-Creative Integration of Classicalist-Hippy-Punk energies in each(?) of us.

4. 108 attempts towards cross-fertilising & future-proofing Spiritual Community (Voices sought from within Quakerism, Triratna Buddhism & the “Nonviolent Communication Movement”)

5.  ”Dad post Dad” -ideally written with my sister and Maria Arpa MBE, founder of “The Centre for Peaceful Solutions”.

6.  ”Judas Was Paid; the spiritual roots of 6 Whip-Free Accountable Mavericks in Parliament”

7.  ”The third 22 years instalment of the ‘22-44-66-88 Not Out (!)’ #PaulCroslandAutobiography”

8. “(FreeRange) Buddhist Politics; how Spiritual Communities (can) contribute to a kinder, more accountable politics” (perhaps drawing the books 1,2,3 & 6 into a PhD thesis).

To get “Beyond Polarisation In Politics” I suggest we need:
Goodwill & Co-operation; 
text me if you are low on either.
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PDF is the world’s third largest growing religion; if you find this hard to believe, just type into a search engine “convert to...”

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