Daily Telegraph Attack on Extinction Rebellion Press Blockade - comments abound

And here’s what I added in the commentary below a clear commentator IMHO replying to Janet Daley’s hyperbole:

“Your piece has been called An Epistle; I find it a succinct and fair summary of the situation; only missing the route out, which is a shift in consciousness #BeyondPolarisationInPolitics. Joanna Macy taught most convincingly IMHO of the three aspects of The Great Turning from “The Industrial Growth Society”; only one of which is overtly political, I would suggest. Until we look to inspirational communities living more sustainably for models of respectful ways to co-exist and import the learning into politics, then the level of debate will remain reactive rather than provide a grounded creative route out. Amber Rudd asked me to send her a paper on a government policy for prompting sharing once I’d won the audience over of a Local Plan meeting in Hastings; quality of life can be maintained or improved if only we get serious about sharing & Care4Caring NonMonetary solutions to SocialCare shortages. It’s not rocket science; but the #MoreGenerousMoreSharing that Boris Johnson closed his most Churchillian speech (10th May from 10 Downing Street) has proved to be unsubstantiated; hence my call for any principled Tory to resign the Tory-Whip until Johnson shows integrity in the promise he gave after being returned from death’s door by two migrant NHS workers. Stick to #MoreGenerousMoreSharing and trust those in politics most who ensure their opponents’ voices get heard.”

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