Upping the level of levelling up

I too need to double down
In order to level up.
I’m not as fit as a butcher’s dog
And prefer a more eco analogy 
Amidst the flotsam and jetsam of
Consumer Folly

I too want to break free
From the slump
For the depression is deep
And the need to believe in my contribution 
Is like the cheaper items from Ocado;

I tout the “Universal Basic Income paid for by Land Value Tax (e.g.3%)”*;
Advocate GM i.e. #GrassrootsManifestoes;
The boosting of the
That truly builds Community;
The case for KinderPolitics paired with 
And the kind of supermarket sweep
That values ecosystems rather than 
Just graspingly fills trolleys;
My ordering finger on the pulses
Because of the rhizomes 
As informed by Vandana Shiva**

If it’s to be another year
Before my shielded Dad and I
Even get to enter a social bubble
May the social media I meanwhile encounter
Level-up in encouraging respect
Of difference.
That would be like removing the plastic
From the sea;
Latest hashtag from me,
#FreeRangeBuddhist 007 
& #BipolarWarrior:
“Hold Me To Account For Non-Polarisation”

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