Standing for Generosity in the Next Election

It’s got to the point whereby if a General Election is called soon I’m standing for Generosity, and here’s my first draft election leaflet:
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7th September update from

Firstly, thank you for the rare courtesy, Paul Campbell, of politely disagreeing with me whilst offering me a useful link to take the next step down my undesired path* - and God knows whether I want to have to go through all that standing for this election entails!
Secondly, what would you say if I suggested that you’ve been distracted by #Brexit (which a European friend wrote to me yesterday about in terms of “The UK has already left, why doesn’t it just get on and leave?!”); distracted from the bigger issues for which it is truly worthwhile getting arrested and prosecuted?

*unprecedented Facebook Generosity in my experience and thus to be championed as a model whilst I stand for Generosity.

The twitter link again for pre-arrest #HastingsAndRye press releases etc:


Full (1st draft) leaflet text:
I don’t want to be your MP on my own; when elected eleven of us will Job Share.

As an elector in the Hastings & Rye constituency you will be asked to put forward six of the eleven, all of whom will be people who give their time generously in your community e.g. “The Clean Up Man”.

For many of us with mental health concerns what we need are job-sharing opportunities so that others have “got our backs” when we are not up to it.

My election campaign will have been a success if it raises awareness of a MORE CARING/SHARING AND RIGHT HONOURABLE way of living in our community. 

The awareness of how to empower the community to take on more of its care needs -inspired by Prof Heinz Wolff’s “” (please Google It) - will lead many into Right Action.

For me, “Right Action” will mean that, bolstered by your support, I return with a “Right Livelihood Team” of 5 Fellow Buddhists to lead a SHARING AND CARE4CARING PARTY at the next election. 

I am confident that within 12 years we can get the necessary community groundswell such that the Hastings & Rye Constituency - which, when forward looking I call @2066Country - puts a RIGHT HONOURABLE JOB SHARE TEAM OF ELEVEN INTO PLACE.

Your present/last MP had no credible answer to the (much applauded) suggestions I made at a public meeting that one of the biggest deficits of government is its lack of a policy to promote sharing as part of the solution to many issues - shortage of housing, traffic congestion etc

Your present/last MP asked me to write to her with advice on what a government policy on sharing could do. I would like this advice to government to be written with your input.

For more on this, and for my track record in #CommunityDevelopment work in (y)our constituency:

Thank you for reading the above and thank you, in advance, for your next step towards “building a more caring and sharing community around you”,
Paul Crosland
Founder (in 2011) of St Leonards Sharing Consortium 

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