The Director of Action for Happiness came visiting

- he was hoping to find a formula to copy the success of the local Action for Happiness group, and wider St Leonards Sharing Consortium, both of which I had founded. Before leaving he told me that he put the success down to “the Paul Crosland effect”. Over seven years later and I’ve still not been asked to begin a self-cloning operation!
At the time I was funded by a credit card & a benefactor who became that because of seeing how I handled criticism. May at least one of the half dozen projects alighted upon in this diverse group discussion relate to what you do for others ...and stimulate constructive dialogue between us (Text first please on Zero7807 066 202).
Anyhow, here’s the film from the heyday of my innovative version of Community Development Work (self-appointed!) in Hastings and St Leonards on Sea:

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