1st Fruitful Haiku:,Wild Strawberry Pip, Lodged in Molar Regions, Eviction Next Week.

How to get to a better life (for all) Choose breath, long, satisfying and curiously searching; especially when instant reaction serves no one Choose to unpack the bag with the kindest kind of rummaging that can be mustered when flustered* Choose vulnerability and "staying in discomfort long enough to figure out what's really going on"** Choose compassionate enquiry and count our blessings; being loved and/or able to love is a wonderful world Deepen same-sex friendship through acceptance and appreciation of difference, revealing dialogue and pregnant pauses Choose meaning, mystery and myth; finding the holy grail in the home hearth*** Take heart and choose the weather that's actually happening, rather than fight the storm Identify with the sky-like nature of our min d rather than identify with the passing clouds of anxiety or depression or envy**** Only at the very end, choose death. *And jettison some flotsam and jetsam **Brene Brown, Woman's Hour, 4th November, 2015 ***A number of stories have this theme, the earliest I remember and can reference is at the end of this, to me, wonderful Arthurian talk: ****Sarvananda, Meaning in Life, p73 [default email footer] Paul Crosland Director, Mediation Support Ltd Tel Zero7807 066 202 [Tshirt:] Is The Pope Catholic? Do Buddhists Sit In The Woods?  [Reverse:] #FreeRange #Buddhist Woodland Sculpture Park -nature, art, community (108 shares available)

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