more caring and sharing community

Enrich your life thus?

1) Put your books, DVDs, Skills to share etc on streetbank.com
2) Make new connections and share your sharing stories at freelenders.blogspot.co.uk
3) Let Paul Crosland ("#FreeRange #Buddhist" & "Lend-It-All Man") know what items/skills you want to be able to borrow through streetbank.com rather than buy anything ever again?, like the "Moneyless Man" has managed for 3 years now.
Less ambitiously, perhaps just share your book "wish list" or list the tools needed for some repairs; food, rent and care for the elderly/"needy" are longer term ambitions to be provided by timebanking.
4) Dare to dream of living a better quality, more connected life that costs you less and together we'll co-create the more caring & sharing community around us.

Meanwhile, if you want a taste of the Buddhist (and Pagan) Enquiry /practice driving my contribution to this work  prepare to find it confusing and esoteric:

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