Barclays, Stock Devaluation, Pensions, Credit Unions, Church of England, Bank of England and Buddhist Door-Knockers led by Jayaraja building community - some synergy please!

Whistleblower on the unsustainability of the Monetary/Debt/ Capitalist/Unethical "System", Paul Crosland, visits former Bank of England Director, Sir Mervin King to discuss Barclays losing 8% of stock market value yesterday, parallel Pension fund loses, and proposes that one way the tide could turn is for institutions like the Church of England sacrificing some capital to support Credit Unions setting up pension schemes involving money and twenty year Timebanking investments in a Care4Care scheme, inspired by Prof Heinz Wolff on
(This film is the first part of a journey to meet my influential neighbours & encourage you to build your economy around you with your neighbours in good time.)
Phone me on Zero7807066202 for interviews including the work of Freelending CIC which I co-direct and has been brought in to provide strategy advice for Timebanking UK & has been said to be years ahead by the leading(?) UK Sustainability Think-Tank.
The film about this below really gets going after a minute that may seem bizarre; to keep my credibility I embed the relevant YouTube footage of the referred to Woodpecker below this film:

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