A summer of fundraising for Pilgrims Hospices in the wake of my mum's death

Please go to the  fundraising page for Pilgrims Hospice which I have set up in memorium of my mum.
I hope to prove* that skilled use of blogging, twitter and YouTube is a valuable way to raise funds

*Part of my working life is as a freelance Social Media Consultant with Freelending CIC; who in turn pay Mediation Support Ltd, of which I am the sole director. In the last few months this Social Media work has been commissioned by Timebanking UK and by The Centre for Peaceful Solutions.

If you can see that your concerns might benefit from some tweaking of the social media you generate, then come to a workshop at the Southwater Area Community Centre or at your place on request. No money payable; I will value your skills equally to mine and trade an hour for an hour through "St Leonards Sharing" timebank.

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